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Device-Specific Information
Dmesg command
Drucker Sharing X86 BasedDual, Triple (and probably quad) WAN with multiple active WAN links and source routingDual-WAN for simple round-robin load equalization
Dual Access PPTPDual SSID isolated
Dual SSID one for public networkDual WAN with failover
Dual WAN with one as standby backupDynamic DNS
Easy SSH tunnelsEasy SSH tunnels/ruEasy SSH tunnels/zh cn
Easy torrenting with dd-wrtEdimax 3g-6200n
Enable 16MB RAM on WRT54GS v5Enabling VLAN Support for BCM4704
Enlazando routersEoIP Routing
EspanolExpr commandExternal SSH
FON Failover RouterFON HotspotFON Hotspot on La Fonera
FON Hotspot on La Fonera 2013Factory Defaults
Feature requests
Firewall BuilderFirewall Builder/zh cnFirmware FAQ
Firmware FAQ/esFirmware FAQ/ja
Firmware FAQ/ptFirmware FAQ/zh cn
Flash WRT54G-TMFlash Your Asus WL-500G DeluxeFlash Your Asus WL-500G Deluxe/zh cn
Flash your WRT54G or WRT54GS v5 series (v5, v5.1, v6)Flash your WRT54G or WRT54GS v5 series (v5, v5.1, v6)/zh cnFlasher la Fonera
Fonera Client Bridged
Fr:FAQFr:ScriptFr:a propos
Fr:tutorialsFrys FR-300RTRGaming over VPN
Gateworks Avila/Cambria InstallationGateworks Avila GW234x
Google ChromecastGoogle Chromecast/ruGuest Network
Guest Network/ruGuest WiFi + abuse control for beginners
HDsamba2HDsamba2 update to samba3HOWTOs configuración
HTTP Redirect
HTTP Redirect/zh cn
Hard reset or 30/30/30Hard reset or 30/30/30/itHard reset or 30/30/30/pt
Hard reset or 30/30/30/zh cnHardware
Hardware/ruHardware DIY
Hardware DIY/zh cn
Hashes & ChecksumsHauptseite
Hinzufügen eines SD-Kartenlesers an den Linksys WRT54GHosting Subversion Service on your routerHosting Subversion Service on your router/de
Hotspot Chillispot
How to - Format and Partition External Storage DeviceHow to configure DD-WRT, Chillispot, Apache2, FreeRadius, freeradius-dialupadmin, and MySQL on Debian 4.0
How to open my router
IPTV - blocking multicast on WIFI
IPv6, 6in4 tunnel - GUI onlyIPv6 (tutorial)
IPv6 (教程)IPv6 on v24
IPv6 setup Hurricane Electric Tunnel BrokerIPv6 startup script
IRC Kanal dd-wrtIRC channel
IRC channel/frISP Upgrades v PPPoE
Ifconfig command
IftopIfup command
Inside the WHR-HP-G54
Instala tu Buffalo WBR-G54, WLA-G54, ...InstalaciónInstalación en el enrutador Buffalo WHR-G54S y WHR-HP-G54
Instalación en el enrutador Motorola WR850GInstalación en el enrutador WRT54G(S) versión 5Instalación en el enrutador WRT54G-TM
Installing Entware
Installing Entware-3XInstalling Entware/ja
Insufficient ramInterface Web
Interface Web FrancaisInternal device network
Ip commandIpcop client
Ipkg (tutorial)
Iptables commandIptables command/zh cn
ItalianItunes remoteItunes remote/ru
JTAG-adapter/deJTAG pinoutsJapanese
Jffs sharing in a Linux serverJournalling Flash File System
Journalling Flash File System/zh cnKRACK Vulnerability and DD-WRT
Kai Console GamingKai DaemonKismet Server/Drone
Kismet on LinuxKnockd
Known incompatible devicesLED Scripts
LaFoneraPlus Software FlashingLaFonera (de)
LaFonera (en)LaFonera (fr)LaFonera 2 Networks w. 1 Port
LaFonera Hardware 32MB SDRAM MOD
LaFonera Hardware Coloured ChassisLaFonera Hardware Controlling AC-LoadsLaFonera Hardware Controlling AC-Loads via webinterface
LaFonera Hardware Cooling-SystemLaFonera Hardware Disassembling
LaFonera Hardware IO (en)LaFonera Hardware IR ReceiverLaFonera Hardware JTAG
LaFonera Hardware LCD ScreenLaFonera Hardware LaFoneraPlusLaFonera Hardware Logo-Removal
LaFonera Hardware Logo-Removal (de)LaFonera Hardware Logo-Removal (fr)LaFonera Hardware Modding
LaFonera Hardware New Paint JobLaFonera Hardware Power-SourcesLaFonera Hardware Power-over-Ethernet
LaFonera Hardware Power from USBLaFonera Hardware Replace LEDsLaFonera Hardware Replace LEDs (de)
LaFonera Hardware Replace LEDs (fr)LaFonera Hardware Roboter ControllingLaFonera Hardware SD-Card
LaFonera Hardware SD-Card/Reader PositionLaFonera Hardware Second-AntennaLaFonera Hardware Serial-Cable-Port
LaFonera Hardware USBLaFonera Hardware i2cLaFonera Hardware serial to ethernet
LaFonera Info Hardware-Specifications
LaFonera Software AP-mode
LaFonera Software ChilispotLaFonera Software Client-BridgeLaFonera Software Client-Mode
LaFonera Software DebrickingLaFonera Software Easy FlashingLaFonera Software Flashing
LaFonera Software Flashing UbuntuLaFonera Software HeartbeatLaFonera Software Heartbeat-dev
LaFonera Software KismetLaFonera Software Universal-RepeaterLaFonera Software Upgrade-Flashing
LaFonera Software VPNCLaFonera Software VoIPLaFonera Software Wireless-Bridge
LaFonera Software Wireless-RepeaterLaFonera Software ipkgLaFonera Software jffssandmore
LaFonera Software kaidLaFonera Support-Page for OpenWRT
LaFonera TestingArea (de)LaFonera TestingArea (en)LaFonera TestingArea (fr)
Lentitud del RouterLighttpd on R7000
Link-local ip addressLinking Routers
Linking Subnets with Static Routes
LinksysLinksys BEFW11S4
Linksys E1000Linksys E1000 v2.0Linksys E1200
Linksys E1200v2Linksys E1500Linksys E1550
Linksys E2000Linksys E2100LLinksys E2500
Linksys E3000Linksys E3200Linksys E4200
Linksys E900Linksys EA6300Linksys EA6400
Linksys EA6500 V1Linksys EA6500 V2Linksys EA6700
Linksys EA6900Linksys EA8500Linksys NSLU2
Linksys RV042Linksys RV082Linksys RVS4000
Linksys Serial numbersLinksys WAP54GLinksys WAP54G Hardware Spec
Linksys WRE54GLinksys WRG54GLinksys WRH54G
Linksys WRT100/WRT110Linksys WRT150N & WRT160N
Linksys WRT160NLLinksys WRT160N v2.0Linksys WRT1900AC
Linksys WRT300NLinksys WRT300N v1, v1.1Linksys WRT300N v2.0
Linksys WRT310N v1.0Linksys WRT310N v2.0
Linksys WRT320N v1.0Linksys WRT330NLinksys WRT350N
Linksys WRT400NLinksys WRT51AB
Linksys WRT54G-RGLinksys WRT54G-TM
Linksys WRT54G-TM SD/MMC modLinksys WRT54G/GL/GS/GXLinksys WRT54G/GL/GS/GX/fr
Linksys WRT54G/GL/GS/GX/zh cn
Linksys WRT54G2 v1.0Linksys WRT54G2 v1.1Linksys WRT54G2 v1.3 & WRT54GS2 v1.0
Linksys WRT54GCLinksys WRT54GL
Linksys WRT54GP2A-ATLinksys WRT54GS v1.0
Linksys WRT54GS v1.1Linksys WRT54GS v2.0Linksys WRT54GS v2.1
Linksys WRT54GS v3.0Linksys WRT54GS v4.0Linksys WRT54GS v5.0 & 5.1 & 6.0
Linksys WRT54GS v7.0 & 7.2Linksys WRT54G v1.0 & 1.1
Linksys WRT54G v2.0Linksys WRT54G v2.2Linksys WRT54G v3.0
Linksys WRT54G v3.1Linksys WRT54G v4.0
Linksys WRT54G v4.0/zh-cnLinksys WRT54G v5.0 & 5.1 & 6.0
Linksys WRT54G v7.2Linksys WRT54G v7.2 (FR)
Linksys WRT54G v8.0 & v8.2Linksys WRT54G v8.1Linksys WRT55AG v1.0
Linksys WRT55AG v2.0Linksys WRT600NLinksys WRT610N
Linksys WRT610N v2.0
Linksys WRTSL54GSLinksys WRV54G
Linksys WTR54GS
Linux IPv6 Router Advertisement Daemon (radvd)Linux InsideLinux SWAP
Logging with DD-WRT
MAC Address Clone
MAC Address Clone/ptMDNSResponder
MN-700Main Page
Mesh Networking with OLSRMiau IRC Bouncer
Micro-plusMicro Redboot
Mikrotik Routerboard RB/532Miscellaneous
Miscellaneous/zh cn
Mitsubishi R100 GatewayMobile BroadbandMod your WRT-310N
Modem - Connection to RouterMotorola WR850G
Mounting USB drive without located onboard fs modulesMulti Router Traffic GrapherMultiple DDNS Accounts
Multiple WLANsMultiple WLANs/zh cnMultiple WLANs/zh tw
NEWD2 Support on some models
NetgearNetgear AC1450Netgear R6300
Netgear R6300v2Netgear R6400v1Netgear R6400v2
Netgear R6700v3Netgear R7000Netgear R7000P
Netgear R7800Netgear R9000Netgear WAG 102
Netgear WG602 v3/4Netgear WGR614 v6Netgear WGR614 v8.0 & WGR614L
Netgear WGR614v8/L/WWNetgear WN2000RPTv2Netgear WNDR3300
Netgear WNDR3400Netgear WNDR3700Netgear WNDR3700/ru
Netgear WNDR3800Netgear WNDR4000Netgear WNDR4300
Netgear WNDR4500Netgear WNR2000V2Netgear WNR2000V3
Netgear WNR2000v3Netgear WNR3500LNetgear WNR834Bv1
Netgear WNR834Bv2Netgear WNR834Bv2/zh cn
Network Time ProtocolNetwork address translation
Network file systems
Network traffic analysis with netflow and ntopNetworking 101 for DummiesNfs ClientNoCatSplash
NoCatSplash/ruNoCatSplash/zh cnNoob-Friendly Customized for compiling from source
Nouveau tutoNucom Wireless N300 Home RouterOM1P config
OTRW2 (Optware the right way Take 2)
Obtaining Router IPObtaining Router IP/ja
Obtaining Router IP/zh cnObtaining Router IP:简体中文One-to-one NAT
OpenDNSOpenDNS/frOpenDNS/zh cn
OpenNTPDOpenSSH on R7000OpenSwan
OpenVPN-Tunnel Server / Client, Netzwerke verbindenOpenVPN/zh cnOpenVPN - Site-to-Site Bridged VPN Between Two Routers
OpenVPN - Site-to-Site Bridged VPN Between Two Routers/deOpenVPN - Site-to-Site routed VPN between two routersOpenVPN Remote Access by Static Key (The Simple Way)
OpenVPN Router to Router Bridged Configuration Alternative (Hardware VPN)OpenVPN client/ruOpenVPN on Dedicated Wireless Access Point (VAP)
OpenVPN on Dedicated Wireless Access Point (VAP) (Under Construction)OptwareOptware, the Right Way
Optware-ByHandOptware/zh cnOptware on K3-AC-ARM
Optware on K3-AC-ARM/FON HotspotOptware on K3-AC-ARM/Goals for new repositoryOptware on K3-AC-ARM/MRTG
Optware on K3-AC-ARM/RepositoriesOptware on K3-AC-ARM/Repositories/magick777Other resources
OverclockingOverclocking BCM 47xx CPU's
PPPoE (Инфолайн)PPPoE DualPPTP
PPTP Server (Servidor de VPN)PPTP Server ConfigurationPPTP Tunneling
PXEPXE/ruPXE Booting
Parental controlPeer-to-Peer (P2P) Throttling
Per User Bandwith ControlPeticiones de Nuevas Características
Point-to-Point PPTP Tunneling avec deux DD-WRTPoint-to-Point PPTP Tunneling usando dos DD-WRT
Policy Based RoutingPolski DD-WRT (PL)
Port BlockingPort Forwarding
Port Forwarding Troubleshooting
Power Supply InfoPreventing Brute Force Attacks
Printer Sharing
Printer Sharing/zh cn
Private ip addressPrivoxy Custom Config
Privoxy Custom Config/ruProFTPdProFTPd Server
Public Sub-Net Over Dynamic WANPunto acceso inalámbrico
Pydio on R7000QCA wireless settings
QoS Filter DefinitionsQuagga
Quality of ServiceQuality of Service ESQuick list of Optware packages
R7000RFlow CollectorRNX-GX4 Serial Port Connections
RSS Feed Output
Ralink (unbranded/unsupported)Reconfigure VLANs for 802.1q Compatibility
Recover from a bad flashRecover from a bad flash/it
Recover from a bad flash/ptRecuperando de una instalación fallida
Redboot access scriptRemote AccessRemote Scripts
Repeater Bridge
Repeater Bridge/frRepeater Bridge/ptRepeater Bridge/ru
Repeating Mode ComparisonsRepeteur Mode pontRepeteur sans fil
RepetidorRepetidor PuenteReset And Reboot
Reset And Reboot/zh cnReverse Proxy using EntwareReverse proxy
Router Dir-300 DD-WRT + WWW + PHP + MySQL + PERLRouter Dir-320 DD-WRT + WWW + PHP + MySQL + PERL
Router Dir-320 DD-WRT WWW поддомены-доменыRouter Dir-320 DD-WRT rTorrentRouter Slowdown
Routeurs en mode réseau WDS
RoutingRsync Backup Server
Rtorrent rutorrent lighttpdSD/MMC modSENAO EOC-2610
SES Button
SFTP-сервер с использованием DropbearSFTP with DD-WRT
SSH, Telnet и командная строка
SSID (Service Set Identification)
Samba filesystem
Samba文件系统Sandbox tables
Sapido RB-1132Scheduled rebootScp command
Script Examples/Monitoring a Webstar 2100 Cable Modem
Script ExecutionScript examples
Scripting/jaScripting/ru/linux Команды linux
Scripting/ru/telnet Начало работы: подключение к роутеруScripting/zh cn
SecuritySeparate LAN and WLAN
Separate LAN and WLAN (light)Separate LAN and WLAN (outdated)
Separate WLANs
Serial RecoverySerial port on unused Ethernet pinsSerial port pinouts
Setpasswd command
SettingsSetuserpasswd commandSharing Dialup
Siemens SE505Simple Network Management Protocol
SiproxdSkript-SchnipselSlim samba2
SmartDNSSmartDNS - WIPSoftether on R7000
Sony PSP and Remote PlaySoporteSpanning Tree Protocol
StarOSStartservice command
Startup Scripts
Static DHCPStatic DHCP/zh cn
Static IPStatic PPTP VPN Client
Stock Firmware GPL CodeStopservice commandSupport
Support/esSupport/zh cn
Supported DevicesSupported Devices 802.11n
Switch esSwitched Ports
TCP CongestionTFTP Flashing a Belkin F5D7230
TFTP flashTL-WR1043ND - возврат с DD-WRT на родную прошивку
TP-Link TL-WA5210GTP-Link TL-WA7210v2TP-Link TL-WDR3600
TP-Link TL-WDR4300TP-Link TL-WR841nd v8TP-Link TL-WR841nd v9
TP-Link WA5210GTP Link Archer A7v5TP Link Archer C7
TP Link Archer C8TP Link Archer C9TP Link Archer a7v5
Tc command
Telnet/SSH and the command line
Telnet/SSH and the command line/zh cn
Telnet/SSH y la Linea de Comandos
The Easiest Tunnel EverTodo ger
TorTor on R7000
Transmission daemon
Transparent web proxyTriggertftp
Tunnel all traffic over ssh using remote windows machine and PuttyTutorial de instalación para WRT54G v4
URL - Keyword blockingURL - Keyword blocking/zh cnUSB
USB/zh cn
USB storageUSB storage/zh cn
USRobotics USR5461
USRobotics USR8200Ubiquiti
Ubiquiti Litestation 2 (LS2/LS5/PS2/PS5/NS2/NS5/LSX)Unbound
Universal Wireless RepeaterUpdate IP change on Tunnelbroker with DNS-O-MATIC
Upgrade from openwrtUpgrading WL-500g Premium WL-500W and WL-700gE RAM to 128MBUseful Scripts
Useful tools for the WiFi NetworkUshare uPnP media server
Using RFlow Collector and MySQL To Gather Traffic InformationUsing ipkg to install OpenWRT packages
V24: WLAN separate from LAN, with independent DHCPVDSL
VLAN Configuration
VLAN Detached Networks (Separate Networks With Internet)VLAN Detached Networks (Separate Networks With Internet Access)VLAN Detached Networks - Linksys E2500
VLAN Detached Networks each with Wireless and InternetVLAN SupportVLANs and firewall - Asus RT-N16 - how-to
VPN (the easy way) v24+VPN (tutorial)Verizon FIOS setup Walkaround
Verizon FIOS setup Walkaround with Coax cable (MoCA)Verizon FIOS setup with dd-wrt as primary routerVerizon FiOS - Using Your Own Router
Version 5 And 6 Router InformationVersion FeaturesVodafone Easybox
VsftpdVulnerabilityVxworkskiller de
WAN Port/deWAN Port/zh cnWAN Port an einen Switch anschließen
WAN Traffic By MonthWAN Traffic by Month
WDS-AP to WDS-Sta (Atheros) ExampleWDS Linked router network
WDS Point To Point (P2P)WDS REPEATER on QCAWDS multiple router setup
WEB server

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