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[edit] Introduction

DD-WRT does work on version 2.1, 3, or 4 !!
Go to the respective thread on the forum for more details

[edit] Hardware

  • TP-LINK TP-WR740N version 2.1
  • Firmware Version: 3.12.4 Build 100910 Rel.57694n
  • Hardware Version: WR740N v1/v2 00000000
  • wifi chip Atheros AR9285-AL1A
  • non-detachable antenna
  • cheap: 25 Euro

[edit] Photos of Hardware

Picture of Atheros chip AR9285-AL1A

Picture of backside (underneath) with barcode and router version (2.1)

Picture of the whole circuit board. other chips are the same as on this picture

Picture of the whole unit.

Feel free do download the photos to your server. I took them and they are free to copy. Email me User:Y23 if tinypic biffed them

Version 1.1 uses the same TP-LINK firmware, see here.

The prescribed dd-wrt v24 preSP2 beta build 15778 for TP-Link WR740N v1.0 Firmware: Special image for initial flashing factory-to-ddwrt.bin 2010-12-13 3,75 MB works!

[edit] Limitation/Bugs

Like other 4mb flash devices, Web Admin GUI over HTTPS does not appear possible:

(If you do decide to test it in a recent build, I'd recommend leaving another management method enabled like SSH or HTTP...)

As of April 2020, none of the bugs below are present.

previously as of v4:

-LAN client cannot see each other (possibly fixed on latest build)

-No TX rate increase, hardware limit is 18dBm

-No 40Mhz channel (means no 150mbps advertised speed, capped to 20mhz which is at 72 Mbps)

[edit] How to install DD-WRT

  1. In TP-Link webinterface do a FACTORY RESET
  2. In TP-Link webinterface (now upgrade firmware using

factory-to-ddwrt.bin from 740N folder. See Where do I download firmware? for links.

  1. Then log into dd-wrt (
  2. Set a login-name and password.
  3. Then upgrade (Administration > Firmware upgrade) using


Screenshot of dd-wrt on WR-740N v 2.1
Screenshot of dd-wrt on WR-740N v 2.1

NOTE: Build 33555 (10/20/17) that patches the KRACK vulnerability in WPA2 runs on this router, it can be downloaded here [1] - Tmittelstaedt 10/21/2017