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This page is only for the Netgear R6400 v2. The v1 wiki is: Netgear R6400v1.


[edit] Hardware Specs

CPU Broadcom BCM4708A0
CPU Speed 1 GHz (2 Cores)
Flash ROM 128 MB
RAM 256 MB
Radios BCM4360 5 GHz & BCM4331 2.4 GHz
WLAN Support a/n+ac 3x3:3 & b/g/n 3x3:3
WLAN Max Speed 450 Mb/s (2.4Ghz), 1300 Mb/s (5Ghz)
Antenna Location External
Switch 4x GigE LAN + 1 GigE WAN
USB 1x USB 3.0 + 1x USB 2.0
Power Adapter 12VDC 2.5A wall wart

[edit] Installation

Supported in DD-WRT (Netgear R6400v2 folder) since build 36104. There were also Kong builds (K3-AC-ARM folder) but are no longer supported. Use the .chk file for OEM upgrade and the webflash.bin file for DD-WRT upgrades. See Where do I download firmware?.

[edit] Board ID

Build directory files to use based on Board ID:

  • R6400v2 U12H332T20_NETGEAR: netgear-r6400v2 directory
  • R6400v2 U12H332T30_NETGEAR: netgear-r6400v2otp directory
  • R6700v3 U12H332T77_NETGEAR: netgear-r6700v3 directory

[edit] Forum Thread

Netgear R6400 v2 and R6700v3 Install Guide

[edit] Debricking

See the second post in the above thread.

[edit] Reset

There are several methods to reset to default settings (clear NVRAM).
DO NOT "30-30-30" Reset ARM Devices!

Hardware reset button: When DD-WRT is running, holding the reset button for 10 sec.

DD-WRT GUI: Use the Restore Factory Defaults option:
Administration -> Factory Defaults (select radio button, then apply settings)
...or select the Reset to Default settings option from the Firmware Upgrade drop down menu:
Administration -> Firmware Upgrade (select the firmware file and "Reset to Default" from dropdown, then Upgrade

Telnet/SSH (CLI): Login and run `nvram erase && reboot` for Hard_reset_or_30/30/30#Erasing_NVRAM build 35770 and later.

Reset notes: In Feb. 2015 Kong announced a reset is required for certain upgrades as well. Do NOT restore an nvram backup as it will undo the reset.