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From [1]

This is a "Repeater Mode"

Primary access point (AP1)

Ip: Subnet mask DHCP enable From to SSId="Net" Wifi auth WPA Passkey=xxxx

Fonera settings:

Setup > Basic setup: Connection Type : Automatic Configuration DHCP (because my primary access point use DHCP) STP: Disable (don't know why) Router Name : Whatever you want..i used Repeater Router IP: Local IP Address: (because my main router assign number from .100 to .150) Subnet mask: (The same of main router) Gateway: (The same of main router) Local DNS: (The same of main router) Network Address Server Settings (DHCP) DHCP Type= DHCP Server (I will assign ip also to laptop connected wireless or wired to fonera) Start ip address: (I could use also from .151 because from .100 to .150 are used by my main router) Maximum DHCP Users: 44 (Because is used by my main router)

Setup>Advanced Routing: Operating mode: Rip2 Router

Wireless > Basic settings Regulatory Domain: (ITALY) Wireless Mode: Client Bridge (Don't worry..You will use ath0 for client bridge and a virtual interface for accept also WIFI users in fonera) Wireless Network Name: Net (the same as main router) Virtual Interfaces (add one): Wireless Network Name(SSID): Net2 Wireless Mode: AP

Wireless > Wireless Security Wireless Security (ath0) Security Mode (WPA Personal) (the same kind of the main router) WPA Algorithms: TKIP (the same of main router) WPA Shared Key: xxxx(the same passphrase of the main router) Virtual Interfaces (ath1) Security Mode: WPA Personal WPA Algorithms: TKIP WPA Shared Key: yyyy

Status>Wireless>Site Survey>Join the SSID of main router for connect fonera (and estabilish the client bridge)