Setuserpasswd command

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Change the username and password used to log into the Web Interface.

usage: setuserpasswd [username] [password]


root@DD-WRT:~# setuserpasswd myuser mypassw0rd


  • This command automatically commits changes into nvram.
  • Telnet/SSH username will remain root!
  • Telnet/SSH password may not take effect immediately. In this case also run the setpasswd command.
  • The username and password are stored securely in nvram variables, hashed with salt.

Additional User notes:

  • I had problems changing a password that included a special character using the command line method. Using only alpha-numeric characters worked fine. forum post Special characters in a password can be entered as is through web gui password change page or Admin tab, but if entered in the command line above the password must be contained within double quote marks.[redhawk0]