Flash your WRT54G or WRT54GS v5 series (v5, v5.1, v6)/zh cn

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[edit] 仅针对WRT54G的 v5, v5.1, 与v6等版本


[edit] 仅针对WRT54GS v5, v5.1与v6等版本

严重警告 -- NO REVERSION TO VXWORKS ON THESE UNITS: At the moment for WRT54GS units this is a one way operation. No reversion back to VxWorks is available. I never got around to creating the GS reversion firmware. It could EASILY be created by someone using the tools I've written and the documentation here. A person once sent me a GS router hoping I might, but I didn't get to it and now no longer have that router. If someone would like to send me another GS unit, I will maybe get around to creating the reversion firmware. Also, if you'd like to donate other routers, feel free. Note that I make absolutely no guarantees that I'll complete anything though.

Copied from Bitsum


[edit] 链接到V5和V6刷新指示


[edit] 启用16 MB RAM内存

注意: WRT54gS ONLY!!!!! Doing this in your WRT54G will BRICK your router!