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[edit] 介紹

這份指南將教你如何應用虛擬介面來傳播多個 WLAN SSID's。你可以讓每一個 WLAN 使用不同的加密設定,並且能夠限制它們的取用範圍。你也能夠把 VLAN 或 VPN tunnel 介面橋接到虛擬無線介面。

注意:Virtual Access Points (VAP's) 和 VLAN's 是完全不同的科技,請注意不要將它們的名稱混淆。要是你所指的是虛擬無線介面,則稱它為 VAP;如果所指的是 Ethernet VLAN,則稱它為 VLAN;假使你將它們橋接在一起,則說是你橋接了 VAP 與 VLAN。

[edit] 準備工作

如同所有改變設置的作業一樣,最好用一條 Ethernet 接線來連上你的路由器,如此你才不會在設定它時被切斷連結或被所尚無法進入你的路由器。If you wish to bridge a VLAN or other interface to the virtual wireless interface, then see other guides on how to set up those interfaces, this guide will just tell you how to bridge it.

If your router is configured as a Wireless Access Point (WAN is disabled) then you must be sure to set the gateway and local DNS as recommended in the WAP guide. This also applies to WDS client nodes (but not the main WDS node) which are bridged to another router that does routing for them. Keep your eye out for the places this guide gives alternative instructions for WAP's.

[edit] 使用 Atheros 的硬體

Atheros VAP 介面會被命名為 ath0.1 而非 wl0.1,請取代此份說明文件內的這個名稱。

[edit] 使用 Broadcom 的硬體

Very early Broadcom based routers have radios that do not support or only partially support multiple WLAN's. You will need to telnet to the router and run this command on the router:

nvram get wl0_corerev


  • If the number is 4 or less then the router is too old.
  • If it is between 5 and 8 then it is capable of multiple SSID's but not multiple BSSID's, which means the wireless interfaces will all have the same MAC address so some devices might not recognize both WLAN's, and you will need to use a build that has a VINT wireless driver.
  • If it is 9 or above then the router fully supports multiple WLAN's, each with their own BSSID (MAC address).