Netgear R9000

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[edit] Introduction

[edit] Hardware Specifications

See Netgear R9000 on wikidevi

This router can handle top VPN speeds, as of 2019.

Please note, Wireless-AD (60GHz) support is untested at this time, 2019.

[edit] Installation

Flash the factory-to-ddwrt file from either Kong or Brainslayer's download locations. See Where do I download firmware?

The Netgear firmware uses a default IP address of

  • username: admin, password: password

Go to the Administration page - then Upgrade (or something similar).

You will see a notice about the file you uploaded being older than the firmware currently on the router. Click Yes to proceed.

The router will flash DD-WRT.

What a few minutes (5 min to be safe). Then try logging into DD-WRT at You should see a screen asking you to create a username and password.

[edit] Recovery