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This page was split from the the Installation page for easier navigation. This is the expanded version of the former Hardware-specific section of the Installation page, and is currently under revision (05/17/23 -kp69). It is extremely important to follow the guidelines for your specific router. Please see Installation for more information. Please also see Category:Networking hardware tutorials and Supported_Devices for links to other pages and information that may be helpful to you.

NOTE: At some point, most of the sections and links in this page will be revised for brevity and to reduce redundancy. (05/17/23 -kp69)


[edit] Hardware Brand

[edit] Accton

[edit] Allnet

[edit] Asus

You may find additional info via the Asus page or the index of Asus pages.

[edit] Belkin

[edit] Bountiful

[edit] Buffalo

[edit] Cisco Linksys

[edit] Linksys Wired

[edit] Cisco Linksys Wireless-G

[edit] Cisco Linksys Wireless-N

[edit] Cisco Linksys EA Series

[edit] Linksys Wireless-AC

  • Linksys WRT1900AC V1. Use this page for all others until separate pages have been created.

[edit] Cisco Valet Wireless-N

[edit] D-Link

[edit] Gateworks

[edit] LaFonera

[edit] Microsoft

[edit] Mikrotik

[edit] Mitsubishi

[edit] Motorola

[edit] Netgear

[edit] Siemens

[edit] TP-Link

[edit] Ubiquiti

[edit] US Robotics

[edit] X86