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THX to malcolmchng

[edit] Hardware

  • Ubiquity Nanostation2 clone with better hardware.
  • 600mW Wireless Power.
  • 24V PoE.
  • SuperG 108Mbps Support.
  • Internal dual 10dBi panel.

[edit] Antennae

Since many of you guys (me either) have problems with the antenna settings here are some hints to get the right ones working

[edit] Internal

The setting of the internal antenna are a bit tricky due to the fact that the correct state of the settings is REV dependent. You will have to try if secondary or primary antenne setting works better.

For Revision 1.1.13 this setting is diversity on and TX/RX to secondary.

[edit] External

In some Builds you can set the antenna to secondary in some not. If you can set it to secondary and push the hardware switch to ext. Now the rp-sma plug is active

For Revision 1.1.13 this doesnt work corrently as it continues to use the internal. To over come this you can solder RP-SMA connectors onto the internal plugs. [[Image:[1]]]

[edit] Installation via backdoor

1. Download the free web server: (you are free to use any other web server that you are familiar with).

2. Create a folder C:\test

3. Download the special V.25 only DD-WRT image from Senao server and copy DD-WRT_newimage.bin into C:\test This image contains DD-WRT firmware; once loaded no additional porting is required.

4. Configure your PC with IP (you can use any other IP also)

5. Start the web server by executing iws.exe and double click on the icon on your system-tray at the bottom-right corner.

6. Configure the web server with the following configuration; click OK when done.

Public Folder ---------> c:\test\ Default File ----------> index.html Port ------------------> 80

7. Please test the server DD-WRT_newimage.bin; it may take a few seconds before the page is completely loaded by your web-browser.

8. Power on EOC-2610 and make sure it is complete booted. You can verify it by accessing its web page UI.

9. Once booted; telnet; the username & password are both “admin”

10. Under the console prompt type in the following commands in REDtogether with the address link

cd /tmp
cat DD-WRT_newimage.bin > /dev/mtdblock0

IMPORTANT: Please note that never interrupt the last command (cat …) under any circumstance (make sure the power is table and do not touch anything during the 3~10 minutes write process). It will cause incomplete write on the flash and make it unbootable. Do not mis-type anything!


[edit] JTAG