Linksys E2100L

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[edit] Hardware Information

Image:e2100l1.jpg Image:e2100l2.jpg

CPU Atheros 9130
CPU Speed 400 MHz
Flash ROM 8 MB
Radio 1x 2.4 GHz
WLAN Support B/G/N
WLAN Max Speed 300 mbps
Antenna Location 2x external (RPSMA)
Switch 4x 10/100 + 1 WAN
USB 1x USB 2.0

[edit] Flashing instructions

You will first need to download this file for initial flash from stock firmware:

  1. Go into the Linksys stock firmware and choose to reset to defaults.
  2. Once that is finished, set a static IP on your machine to with subnet and gateway
  3. Log back into the Linksys firmware and find where to update the firmware.
  4. Select the file linked above and then begin the flash procedure, this usually takes 6-7 minutes for it to finish properly, so be patient!
  5. Once it is finished, close your browser, then reopen and browse to it should want you to set a user/password, do so.
  6. When you are in DD-WRT's webUI, go to Administration > Factory Defaults
  7. Select to "Restore Factory Defaults" This will effectively hard reset the router and ensure integrity of the flash.
  8. Return your machine to auto-DHCP.
  9. Log back into the webUI @ and set a user/pass and enjoy DD-WRT!

[edit] Upgrading DD-WRT

Please see "Where Do I Download Firmware?" for more information.

  1. Go to the linksys_E2100L subfolder of the desired release folder and download e2100l-firmware.bin
  2. Open browser and navigate to (or whichever IP address you assigned to your router).
  3. Go to Administration -> Firmware Upgrade tab.
  4. Browse to and elect downloaded e2100l-firmware.bin file.
  5. Click on "Upgrade" (do not select reset to defaults after flashing).
  6. Wait until the router has completely finished flashing and rebooting (~5-10 minutes).
  7. Depending on whether or not it shows the page to click on "Continue", do so to proceed (or not).
  8. You should still be able to navigate anywhere within the webUI afterwards.

[edit] Reverting back to stock

Should you want to revert back to stock firmware then you should be able to download the stock firmware from Linksys's site and flash back using the webgui.

[edit] Useful Web Links

Here is the link for the forum support topic regarding E2100L.