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The forum is filled with WRT54G v5 and v6 questions. This page is an attempt to centralize the information, including the most relevant and valuable links. Please add information, including new links you find that will be helpful to other v5 and v6 owners.


[edit] Router Models Covered on This Page

In all later references we'll call these models "neutered". Why? Because they've had some crucial functionality removed by their reduced RAM and reduced flash memory.

[edit] Linksys WRT54G Neutered Models

Version 5.0 Serial number begins with: CDFB
Version 5.1 Serial number begins with: CDFC
Version 6.0 Serial number begins wtih: CDFD

[edit] Linksys WRT54GS Neutered Models

Version 5.0 Serial number begins with: CGN7
Version 5.1 Serial number begins with: CGN8
Version 6.0 Serial number begins with: CGN9

For more complete information on hardware revisions, visit Wikipedia:

On the neutered models listed above, Linksys reduced the flash memory and the RAM compared to previous versions of these models, thus the term "neutered". DD-WRT Micro is one of the only 3rd party firmwares available for these models. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FLASH ONE OF THESE WITH DD-WRT mini. Having said that, if you have one of these neutered models, you'd still be much better off selling it and getting something else that is a supported device. The forum is filled with questions on these neutered models. Lots of bricks. And debricking one of these will most likely require a JTAG. See: JTAG in the Glossary BrainSlayer himself does not encourage using one of these routers. With the limited available memory, it really doesn't pay for the developers to put a lot of time into making firmware for these models. As BrainSlayer wrote in a forum post, "most problems on v5 routers are caused by out of memory situations which can result in a freezed router". This applies to all neutered routers.

[edit] FAQ's

[edit] What version of firmware can I put on my neutered router?

DD-WRT Micro is the only version that works on these neutered machines. Notice we said Micro, not Mini. But be aware that you cannot flash your neutered router as easily as you can 100% compatible recommended devices. See the installation links listed below.

[edit] How do I install the firmware?

Not an extremely easy thing to do. See the installation links further down this page.

[edit] Can I go back to default firmware

Yes you can, but to get back to VxWorks (default firmware) you need special instructions.

[edit] How can I tell if my neutered router is bricked?

These models are generally bricked when you can no longer get a response back from the router during a "ping while booting" test. You'll also notice that the power light may blink continually and your computer's network adapter shows that it is not connected to any network, even though you have it plugged into the neutered router.

[edit] Can I debrick my bricked, neutered router by shorting pins?

Some report that you can clear the nvram by plugging in the router while shorting pin 16. THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED! Chances are good you'll need to carry your brick out for the garbage truck tomorrow. Using a JTAG cable to attempt to debrick a neutered router is the recommended option. See the recovery section further down this page.

[edit] Can I enable the 16MB of RAM on my neutered router?

Yes, but only on WRT54GS v5 and v5.1. Here's a link to that Wiki page.

[edit] What else can I do to free RAM?

Your router may not have enough free RAM to enable certain features or run smoothly under high demand. If you find that your router is slow and unresponsive, running out of memory, or has unusually high processor utilization you can use the following guide to help you free RAM.

[edit] Installation Links

Installing DD-WRT on one of these neutered routers is not as easy as it is on other Recommended Devices. You'll need to follow one of these tutorials.

[edit] Only used for reference. Use the above link to install the firmware properly.

[edit] Neutered Router Recovery Information

[edit] JTAG

What is a JTAG Cable? See: JTAG in the Glossary

View the JTAG PDF information file that comes with the HairyDairyMaid Debrick Utility Kit: (dead link)

Download the HairyDairyMaid Debrick Utility Kit:

If you don't want to make your own JTAG cable, you can buy them on eBay. You can also contact DD-WRT forum contributor anectine17 at his email address abessey(at) to buy one of these. The price is usually less than $15 US, plus shipping, and the cables are fully tested and gauranteed to be functional. Send an email for more information and a price quote.