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[edit] Coloured Chassis

Paint your LaFonera in different colours.

Just think about all the beautiful colours out there and imagine your LaFonera with this new style.

First you have to remove the Fon-Logo and sand the surface. Then you can spraypaint it in any color.

When your device is dried, maybe it looks like this one


[edit] Painting advice

This website has lots of information on using spraypaint effectively: linear1 case mods.

[edit] Vinyl Dye

Today I painted/dyed one of my LaFonera tops with vinyl dye. It seems to work quite well. The finish is quite durable and glossy, but I got a slightly textured finish as is usual from spraypaint. Here is a photo with some light reflecting from it (monitor & a mouse) to give an idea of the finish.

LaFonera top Vinyl Dyed black. Click here for the full size version.
LaFonera top Vinyl Dyed black. Click here for the full size version.

From testing on spare plastic I have found that you can get a smooth finish by spraying one thicker coat, but the finish is not as durable, and chips off too easily. Vinyl Dye is good for a quick, fairly good finish, but for the best quality I would advise taking some more time and doing a primer, colour, clearcoat paintjob. -Hal 02:28, 14 Apr 2007 (CEST)

[edit] High Gloss Metallic Paint

I painted my Fonera with a high gloss black metallic paint. The end result is quite good, and it only requires a few hours depending on how glossy you want and how good you are. This way also reduces the orange peeling effect (textured paint)


The first step is to prime the surface. (no need to sand because plastic adheres better than metals);

Then after letting dry ~15 minutes, spray as many light coats as you need to achieve a fairly glossy look, wait ~15min between each coat to let dry;

Get some Rubbing Compound from Canadian Tire or any hardware/automotive parts store (it is roughly equivalent to 2000 grit sandpaper) and spread some on a clean cloth. Rub the cloth against the surface you are painting until the surface is matte and very soft (no orange peeling);

You can spray a thicker coat of gloss paint, or you can go directly to the lacquer / clear coat (two clear coats, not more).

Putting a clear coat is essential to your gloss look, and it also works wonders for protecting your paint job. You should also let the finished result dry overnight. -AresXP

Enjoy :)

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