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[edit] Input/Output

In order to create more mods, we need to know what we have to work with electrically. This would mean knowing the function of the pins on J1, J2 and SW1 (and other test points, if they can be usefull to us. In order to get this started, I am putting down what I have found from looking over this site. I would also like to know if anyone has taken the time to make a schmatic of the LaFonera yet? Please fill in the missing information if you know it.

J1 - JTAG header (Much info was found here: and here: )

Pin   Name    Loc. on AR2315    Function
1     nTRST        K15          Reset TAP in Atheros AR2315  (from: Multiple sources)
2     GND                       Ground                       (from: Multiple sources)
3     TDI          L16          Input to Atheros AR2315      (from: Multiple sources)
4     GND                       Ground                       (from: Multiple sources)
5     TDO          L17          Output from Atheros AR2315   (from: Multiple sources)
6     GND                       Ground                       (from: Multiple sources)
7     TMS          M17          Select TAP Mode in AR2315    (from: Multiple sources)
8     GND                       Ground                       (from: Multiple sources)
9     TCK          L15          Clock signal to AR2315       (from: Multiple sources)
10    GND                       Ground                       (from: Multiple sources)
11    nSRST        K16          Reset TAP in AR2315          (from: Multiple sources)
12    NO CONNECTION                                          (from: Multiple sources)
13    NO CONNECTION                                          (from: Multiple sources)
14    VCC                       +3.3V Power                  (from: Multiple sources)
nTRST  1   2 GND     (Pin 1 is a square pad)
TDI    3   4 GND
TDO    5   6 GND
TMS    7   8 GND
TCK    9  10 GND
nSRST 11  12 n/a
  n/a 13  14 Vcc

Much JTAG info, including making your own JTAG to parallel port cables and software can be found at:

Link to EJTAG specs (from MIPS Technologies) is wrong at the above link, use this instead (you will be required to register - for free - to view):

J2 - Serial Port

Pin   Name    Function
3     RX      3.3V RS-232 Data into the Fon        (from
5     TX      3.3V RS-232 Data from the Fon        (from
9     GND     Ground                               (from
10    VCC     +3.3V from Fon's voltage regulator   (from

SW1 - ???

Pin   Name    Function
(LARGE PAD) - Connected to metal sheild on Ethernet connector
1     GPIO 3  General IO - Used in MMC/SD card hack  (from
2     GPIO 4  General IO - Used in MMC/SD card hack  (from
3     VCC     +3.3V Power
4     VCC     +3.3V Power
5     GPIO 1 (not 2)  General IO - Used in MMC/SD card hack  (from
6     GPIO 7  General IO - Used in MMC/SD card hack  (from
(LARGE PAD) - Connected to metal sheild on Ethernet connector

Test Points

Pin   Name    Function
TP3   GPIO 0  General IO - Used in MMC/SD card hack  (from

General I/O used for MMC/SD Mod (from (link seems to be dead)

GPIO	        Location of pin in LaFonera
0		TP3	
1		pin 5 of SW1
3		pin 1 of SW1
4		pin 2 of SW1
5		RESET (!)
6		RESET button
7		pin 6 of SW1

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