Sony PSP and Remote Play

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Here is my guide to getting a Sony PSP to work with DD-WRT V24 (or higher) running WPA2, based on my WRT54GS V1.1

It also includes instructions on getting Remote Play working effectively


[edit] Assumptions

  • You have a DD-WRT V24 (or higher) enabled router with (minimum) 802.11b support
  • You already have a WLAN configured with an SSID
  • You are using WPA2 AES security
  • Your WLAN has DHCP enabled
  • You have a Sony PSP with an official PSP battery

If you want to use Remote Play, then it's also assumed :

[edit] Getting your PSP online

[edit] Router Instructions

On your router, do the following :

Wireless > Basic Settings
Set Wireless Network Mode to Mixed, click Save and then click Apply Settings
The PSP is 802.11b only, so you need to ensure both b & g (and n, depending on your router) devices can talk on your network)

Wireless > Wireless Security
Set Security Mode to WPA2 Personal Mixed, click Save and then click Apply Settings
The PSP (as of FW 5.51) does not handle WPA2 well (if at all). WPA2 Personal Mixed mode will allow both WPA2 & WPA capable clients to connect

Wireless > MAC Filter
If you are not using MAC filtering, skip this part.
If you are using MAC filtering, then you need to add your PSP MAC to your filter list.
  • Click the Edit MAC Filter List button
  • On your PSP, go to Settings > System Settings > System Information, and your MAC address will be displayed
  • Enter the PSP MAC into the routers MAC filter list, then click Save and then click Apply Settings
NOTE : If you are using a WDS setup, you must complete this step on all routers in the mesh.

[edit] PSP Instructions

If you have not already setup your WLAN profile on your PSP, do the following :

Settings > Network Settings
  • Select Infrastructure Mode
  • Select <New Connection>
  • Select Enter Manually
  • Enter your SSID
  • Select WPA-PSK (AES)
  • Enter your WPA Key
  • Select Easy
  • Enter a name for this connection
  • Save the connection
Your PSP should now be able to join your WLAN (either try a test, or start your PSP Internet Browser.

[edit] Remote Play

Assuming you have done the above and got your PSP online, and you now want to enable Remote Play, do the following...

[edit] PS3 Instructions (pt 1)

Settings > Network Settings > Settings and Connection Status List
  • Copy down your PS3's MAC address

[edit] Router Instructions

NOTE: If you have not given your PS3 a static IP address, it is wise to do so, or ensure it is given a fixed IP from DHCP. If you are using DHCP and wish to assign the PS3 a static IP - on the router providing DHCP for your LAN, go to :

Services > Services
  • Under Static Leases create an entry for the PS3 :
    • Under MAC Address enter the PS3 MAC address
    • Under Host Name enter PS3
    • Under IP Address enter the static LAN IP address you wish to use for the PS3
  • Click Save and then click Apply Settings

Now, on the router acting as your internet gateway, go to :
NAT/QoS > Port Forwarding
  • Under Application enter PS3
  • Under Port from enter 9293
  • Set Protocol to Both
  • Under IP Address enter the IP address you assigned to your PS3
  • Under Port to enter 9293
  • Ensure Enable is checked

Administration > Commands
  • Under Firewall, click the Edit button (this ensures you do not delete anything already present in the Firewall section
  • Add the two following lines into the Commands box...(do not delete anything already therein)
ip neigh change lladdr 00:00:00:00:00:00 nud permanent dev br0
ip neigh add lladdr 00:00:00:00:00:00 nud permanent dev br0
...where is the LAN IP address you assigned to the PS3, and 00:00:00:00:00:00 is the PS3's MAC address.
  • Click Save Firewall
The above commands permanently map your PS3s MAC address to it's IP in your router ARP table. This is very useful if you have multiple routers, as it means your gateway router will always forward Remote Play "wakeup" packets to your PS3. You should also find it stops your PS3 randomly waking up! (which happens sometimes)

[edit] PS3 Instructions (pt 2)

Settings > Remote Play Settings > Remote Start
Select Ok, then select <Enable Remote Start via the Internet> (ensure it is checked)
More information on Remote Start is available from Sony at

You should now be able to use Remote Play from your PSP, using your WLAN connection to test if it's working (obviously switch your PS3 off first to check Remote Start is working as intended)