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This is SIMPLE mod. It shouldn't take you more then 2 Hours approximately including drying and second coat/gloss.


[edit] Disclaimer

I do not actually have a Fonera to show you pictures. If someone would like to donate one to me for testing I will be happy to post all the necessary photos to show you how to do it. The steps I will tell you does not mean that the outcome of this mod will look perfect.

[edit] Parts Needed

- Sand paper (220, 320, and 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper) - Sanding Block - Automotive Primer - Automotive Paint (your choice of colour) - Clear Coat (OPTIONAL)

[edit] Let's get Started

Step #1

Disassemble your Fonera

Step #2

Prepare the case to be painted. You can start by removing the Fonera logo by using some metal polish or you can skip that step and just sand the whole top of the case down lightly with some Fine (220 grit) sand paper. After this is done you should be left with a semi rough surface perfect for the next step but before we move on lets give it a little wash down

Step #3