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The Fon heartbeat

This is the way to simulate the fon heartbeat, so that the LaFonera with dd-wrt is shown as active on the fon maps.

It is based on the work of freddy (, futejia ( and krikkit (

At first you have to register your LaFonera on

If you have done this successfully there are two ways you can enable it on

Fast and simple

This is the most easy way (This guide is also available on It is for simply putting your LaFonera on without any need to set up your own WEBserver / FTPserver.

Version changed to 2.0.4. You have to update the code from this page on your LaFonera, everything else is done automatically.

made by wildblue!

Actual Version: 2.0.4

version 2.0.0 (modified for DD-WRT)   (md5 362706c581b9c7d1c1799d6936cde455)

version 2.0.1 (autodetection MAC)     (md5 dd9c50e0ff86c4ed87315d00a892a076)

version 2.0.2 (added cron mode)       (md5 c12695b038a37bf789477cd6864578f7)

version 2.0.3 (changed MAC-retrival)  (md5 15f4b146765511140b73f87eba7cfe12)

version 2.0.4 (changed update freq.)  (md5 0726ceba23bb4e3fbcca4ca02d443f41)

You can verify the md5 hashes with the linux-command "md5sum simthefon_2.0.x"

Feel free to ask me for an update of the code.

  1. Open the web-based configuration on your DD-WRT-Fonera (e.g.
  2. Go to the "Administration" section, then to "Commands" (German: "Diagnose")
  3. paste the follwing commands and select "Save Startup" (German: "Startup speichern")
mkdir /tmp/simthefon

echo '#!/bin/sh
sleep 30
cd /tmp/simthefon
cat /tmp/simthefon/known_hosts >> /tmp/root/.ssh/known_hosts
chmod a+x /tmp/simthefon/simthefon
( /tmp/simthefon/simthefon cron >/tmp/simthefon/simthefon.log & ) &' >> /tmp/simthefon/heartbeat

echo 'SHELL=/bin/sh

*/5 * * * * root /tmp/simthefon/simthefon cron >/tmp/simthefon/simthefon.log' >> /tmp/cron.d/heartbeat

chmod a+x /tmp/simthefon/heartbeat

stopservice cron && startservice cron

There are no different versions for sending the heartbeat from your LaFonera. If you wish to add features, let me know.

I will publish an updated version of the code sending LaFonera's heartbeat in the next days. (2007-10-04).

Inspired by Pepsimax2k's modifications of freddys code, i will reduce the number of files downloaded but not reduce any functionality like he did.

You can rewiew Pepsimax2k's code if you want to help developing here.