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[edit] Roboter Controlling with your LaFonera

I found a nice way to control your roboter with your LaFonera.

What you need:

  • some technical skills to build this modification
  • some electronical stuff
  • programming skills to control your modification

I will show you some pictures of the build process, maybe we could create a controlling application together.

[edit] Hardware

The complete Robot, ready mounted - front view


view in high resulution

The complete Robot, ready mounted - right side view


view in high resulution

[edit] Software

The Web-interface - modified


view in high resulution

The SSH-Shell - modified


view in high resulution

You should find some possibilities to control this modification...

[edit] Cron Job


[edit] Web-Interface


[edit] Command Line


[edit] The original Idea

came from

[edit] Some additional Information

I emailed the author of this modification and asked him about some additional information about his project. I will post his reply in order to add some more informations about the FoneraBot.

Re: your fonera modification

Hm I can comment some data: I use communication by port series to 9600 bauds, to microcontroller chip 16f628, motors step by step single-pole of 100 steps, connected to darlingtons array chip uln2803. Recagables batteries of 3000 mah to 4.8v for fonera and 12 v 500 mha for the motors.

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