Netgear WG602 v3/4

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Someone who has this router should write a proper wiki entry on how to upgrade, but until that is done, here is a link to some basic information

dd-wrt Firmware Replacement on Netgear WG602v3 Wireless Access Point
Augur 11:34, 30 August 2010 (CEST)


[edit] Read This First

READ the Peacock Thread first. use the wiki and forums to do research before even contemplating installing dd-wrt
check the WG602v3 works before flashing
check your WG602v3 matches the details in the [Supported Devices page]

[edit] Firmware

the WG602v3 only has 2mb flash memory so can only support the micro builds found here broadcom folder (under year and the build): See Where do I download firmware? flash using tftp. See tftp flashing

[edit] Preparing The WG602v3

  1. connect the WG602v3 to a computer using a network cable
  2. set static ip of computer to
    • there should be no means of access to any other router or dhcp server or the WG602v3 will not set its default ip address.
  3. perform a [30-30-30 Hard Reset]
  4. in browser go to L:admin P:password and check it is the default netgear setup

[edit] Installing dd-wrt

  1. on the computer disable firewall and antivirus
  2. run tftp2.exe
    • configure as follows
    • Server to
    • password leave blank
    • pick the firmware
    • set rety to 50
  3. open a command prompt and type in ping -t
  4. unplug power lead from router
  5. replug power lead into router
  6. the instant you get a ping response from the router click Upgrade
    • if it doesn't work try unplugging again (timing matters)
    • stop pinging the router (ctrl-c)

  • (very important) wait 5-7 minutes after you get the success message before doing anything. recomend you walk away and get a drink

[edit] After Install. Initial Preparation Before Use

  1. reconfigure the static ip of the computer to
  2. in browser go to
    • if you get the dd-wrt web gui password change page perform a power cycle on the router
  3. when the web gui comes up again perform a 30-30-30 hard reset
  4. wait for gui to come up again
    • change default username and password
    • close browser
  5. open browser and load the gui again. you should now have the status screen
    • login and configure
  6. remember to re-enable firewall, antivirus, and dhcp on the computer