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[edit] AP Mode

AP Mode can be used to extend your existing wired network to wifi. In this mode, RJ45 port is used to connect La Fonera to your wired network and wireless interface set to AP. If you connect to La Fonera radio, you will be connected directly to the wired network (i.e. same subnet). If DHCP server exists in your network, you will get IP from this DHCP.

In this mode, La Fonera doesn't provide NAT, so you can view network neighbourhood in Windows networking or set up FTP server on PC connected to wifi, that can be accessible from LAN without port forwarding.

[edit] Requirements

The following instructions assume you are using the following:

1. A La Fonera using DD-WRT firmware 03/23 revision (tested). Most later revisions should work, but none have been tested for this guide.

2. The La Fonera must be connected to LAN with it's RJ45 port.

[edit] La Fonera settings

Start from default settings (Admin > Factory Defaults > Yes > Save, or hold reset button for ~ 30 secs). All settings other than those mentioned can be assumed to be at default. Changing many of them should not affect the guide.

[edit] Setup > Basic Setup > WAN setup

WAN Connection Type > Connection Type : Disabled

Optional Settings: Anything you like.

Network Setup > Router IP

Local IP Address :

Subnet Mask :

Gateway :

Local DNS :

In this section you have to fill IP addresses according to your LAN settings as every other PC on your LAN. (La Fonera will be accessible on this IP).

At this moment is not possible to setup La Fonera to get IP from LAN DHCP server. (see todo section)

Select unused IP address to avoid IP collision in your network.

Network Address Server Settings (DHCP)

DHCP Type* : DHCP Server

DHCP Server : Disable

  • you can also set this to DHCP Forwarder and enter the IP of the DHCP server in your network

[edit] Wireless > Basic Settings

Wireless Mode: AP

Network Configuration: Bridged.

Other settings can be entered according your needs.

[edit] Wireless > Security

If you want secure your wifi connection, set it here as you need.

[edit] Security > Firewall Protection

SPI Firewall: Disable

[edit] Connection

Now you can connect to wireless network (SSID of your choice).

If DHCP server exists in your network, you should get IP address, otherwise setup your wireless card's TCPIP properities according to your wired LAN settings.

[edit] 3.5 LAN > get local IP from DHCP

It is possible to set La Fonera to obtain it's local IP address from DHCP on your network, but not from web interface.

First you have to add a script to your La Fonera. This script is originaly shipped with udhcp, the dhcp client used in DD-WRT. But this script was removed due to space issue.

This script is called simple.script in the udhcp distribution. Udhcp official site is :

This script can be added to the dd-wrt filesystem using the startup commands.

wget -O /tmp/udhcpc.script
chmod 755 /tmp/udhcpc.script

udhcpc -i br0:0 -p /var/run/ -s /tmp/udhcpc.script -H YourWAPName

With those commands, your La Fonera keep the IP you configured for your local network and pull a second IP from the DHCP server. Both IP can be used to connect to your La Fonera