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I don't know wiki syntax. If you know, please format that correctly.

I have achieved to mount the jffs partition on La Fonera. I activated JFFS2 in the web interface and I told it to clean it, but it showed "JFFS2 4,096.00 KB / 0" and it didn't work. I googled a little and I found one person who mounted some jffs2 partitions on his mobile phone. I tried his method and it worked. All I did was "mount -t jffs2 /dev/mtdblock/5 /jffs -o rw" and I added that as a startup command with the web interface. I hope this to be useful.

[edit] JFFS and more

There is now jffs support. I know ipkgs dont work now but it will in the next version so can someone write a tut on how to; 1)set up and acess the jffs partition 2) install ipkgs on the jffs and how to run them 3)set up cifs or samba to store captures packets with aircrack and to install ipkgs to mounted cifs share

Thanx in advance