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  1. AP Repeater on DLINK Dir-300 (35 bytes)
  2. Universal Wireless Repeater (9,297 bytes)
    1: ...s]] / [[Linking Routers]] / '''Universal Wireless Repeater'''
    6: A repeater is just a very normal client which, at the same t...
    8: ...ATE instructions for creating a special UNIVERSAL repeater as explained below, not for linking the routers y...
    10: ...once you have this appliance setup, it will work with any open network.
    12: ... space, which is different from address space the repeater connects to.
  3. LaFonera Software Universal-Repeater (25,850 bytes)
    2: ...ory:LaFonera_Software_(en)|Software]] / Universal-Repeater'''
    6: ...a nice webpage for the original fonera-firmware. With the script "ponte2" universal repeating should b...
    8: ...t I think the basic functionality is running, but it should be tested and some things should be change...
    26: ...eating will be created. You can start the script with the command: "sh universalRepeating"
    28: ... file and repost it here, to apply more functionality to this script.
  4. Wlan Repeater (9,054 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Repeater}}
    2: ...Main]] / [[Tutorials]] / [[Linking Routers]] / '''Repeater'''
    11: ...s NOT for WIRED connections between two routers! It is a wireless connection only.
    14: ...ther unique subnet in your network. If you need a repeater-type solution in the same subnet you are in the w...
    19: *the security settings
  5. Repeater Bridge (21,999 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Repeater Bridge}}
    2: ...Main]] / [[Tutorials]] / [[Linking Routers]] / '''Repeater Bridge'''
    5: ...e in the same subnet and look like two Ethernet switches connected by a cable to all computers on the ...
    9: ==Difference between Client Bridge and Repeater Bridge==
    11: ... still connect clients to your main router using either a cable connection or a wireless connection.
  6. Repeater Bridge/fr (12,531 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Repeater Bridge}}
    6: ...sera ainsi possible de connecter des ordinateurs situés dans un local et d'autres dans un local dista...
    8: Mais un Pont sans fil standard a une limitation en ce que le segment de réseau créé autou...
    11: [[Image:Repeater_Bridge.jpg|thumbnail|Reference Image]]
    23: ...igurer le routeur sous DD-WRT en Répéteur pont (Repeater Bridge).
  7. LaFonera Software Wireless-Repeater (2,067 bytes)
    2: ...ware_(en)|Software]] / LaFonera_Software_Wireless-Repeater'''
    9: This is a "Repeater Mode"
    25: Router Name : Whatever you want..i used Repeater
    40: Regulatory Domain: (ITALY)
    47: Wireless > Wireless Security
  8. Repeater Bridge/ru (1,365 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Repeater Bridge}}
    10: [[Category:Switch/ru]]
  9. Repeater Bridge/pt (1,306 bytes)
    1: {{Languages|Repeater Bridge}}
    2: ...ainpage]] / [[Linking_Routers|Linking Routers]] / Repeater Bridge'''
    4: na mesma sub-rede e irão aparecer como dois switches Ethernet conectados por um cabo para todos os...
    14: [[Category:Switch/pt]]
  10. WDS REPEATER on QCA (97 bytes)

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  1. DD-WRT Doku (DE) (83,042 bytes)
    10: Die Community hat wahrscheinlich kein Interesse mehr an einer ...
    15: it seems that the german community is not longer interested in this german-wiki.
    19: Artikel] verfassen, editieren und diskutieren.<br>
    25: ...aset SE505]''), Ravo und Askey unterst&uuml;tzt. Mit der Version V24 werden neue Geräte, auf dem 802....
    29: ...deen ausgetauscht, so dass beide von einander profitieren.
  2. Tutorials (8,922 bytes)
    30: *[[Easy torrenting with dd-wrt]]
    37: *[[Itunes remote]]
    39: *[[Linking Routers]] - WDS, Repeaters, OLSR, etc.
    43: *[[Multiple WLANs]] - Add additional SSID's
    46: ...s_with_netflow_and_ntop Network traffic analysis with netflow and ntop]
  3. Client Mode (5,677 bytes)
    4: ...ient) router is unbridged in a different subnet (with NAT), while a [[Client_Bridged|Client Bridge]] i...
    7: ...ports, or a separate WAP for multi-radio routers. It is not seen as a WAP, nor accepts wireless connec...
    9: ...etween them. Thus, when port forwarding is needed it must be configured at both routers - not just on ...
    11: ...p DD-WRT as a [[Client Bridged|Client Bridge]], [[Repeater Bridge]] or use [[WDS_Linked_router_network|WDS]]...
    23: ...ireless->Wireless Security'' and enter the ''Security Mode'' and other information same as Primary
  4. Glossary (58,851 bytes)
    10: '''If you are looking for a particular term it is best to use your browser's search function.'''
    15: ...ay implement some or all authentication methods, with the authenticator acting as a pass-through for s...
    19: ...fers up to 11 megabits per second under ideal conditions. Transmission occurs over 20 MHz of bandwid...
    22: ...conditions. It requires a radio capable of transmitting in this range. This was ratified by the IEEE...
    28: ...fers up to 54 megabits per second under ideal conditions. 802.11g equipment can typically operate in 8...
  5. Wireless Bridge (43,131 bytes)
    6: ... an older page on how to set up a client bridge. It is being kept as there might be info that some fi...
    12: ...eating two separate subnets. Since the computers within the different subnets cannot see each other di...
    17: ... for a better documented but lengthier procedure with some unnecessary steps.)
    19: ...ireless > Basic Settings). The following assumes it has the default IP address Let's ca...
    22: ... Annoying! -- This doesn't seem to be a problem with the currently [
  6. WAN Port (752 bytes)
    3: When the WRT is used as an Access Point (AP) or repeater (WDS), the WAN port can easily be configured as a...
    5: == Adding WAN Port to LAN Switch to use as an additional, normal LAN port==
    6: ... v2.4, post SP2 firmwares. These steps were done with build 12307 (2009 06 17). Other firmware builds ...
    10: ...Port appears. Check the box 'Assign WAN Port to Switch'.
  7. DD-WRT Docu (IT) (14,289 bytes)
    5: ...alla modifica o inviare una mail a Grazie per la collaborazione.
    8: Nello spirito del Wiki e dell'Open Source chiunque può collab...
    13: ...ibile dalla collaborazione all'interno della comunità! Chiunque può scrivere, modificare e commentar...
    16: ...wireless più sicure, gestione avanzata del [[Quality of Service]] per l'allocazione della banda, supp...
    18: ==Funzionalità==
  8. DD-WRT Manual (SE) (30,300 bytes)
    10: av samarbete! Alla är tillåtna att skriva, editera och kommentera artiklar.
    16: ...PG|thumb|Det nuvarande DD-WRT v23/v24 webbgränssnittet]]
    21: ...dyrbara firmwaren från Sveasoft. De är också fritt från produktaktiveringar eller spionfunktioner ...
    25: ...för högre trådlös säkerhet, avancerade [[Quality of Service]] kontroller för bandbreddsfördelni...
    62: TZO], [ ZoneEdit])
  9. Useful Scripts (53,593 bytes)
    4: DD-WRT, giving it more features or customizing it towards your needs.
    9: ...ver you like. Have a good reason for doing this, it should be considered a hack until the feature is ...
    25: ...ative. Also note that if you're attempting this with [[Optware]], the files are and ld...
    33: everythings that suite your needs and save it with :x)
    41: ...hings like ls, cat, cp, etc, than you'll want to either adjust the above commands, or else put those t...
  10. Client Bridged (5,474 bytes)
    9: ... hack and not a true transparent bridge like WDS. It will cause connection problems for more than a si...
    14: Client Bridge with dd-wrt SP1 won't work. If CB will not work on yo...
    16: ...clients, all of which will be bridged through the Repeater Bridge device.
    25: ..., do a hard reset, this time doing it properly! Hit change password.
    26: ... ''Wireless->Wireless Security'' and set the security type and key from the primary router.
  11. What is DD-WRT? (20,620 bytes)
    9: ...he firmware available for purchase from Sveasoft. It is also free of the product activation or trackin...
    11: ...ore secure wireless communication, advanced [[Quality of Service]] controls for bandwidth allocation, ...
    26: ...;" border=1 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=3 class="wikitable sortable"
    34: ! [[:Category:Monitoring|Moni-<br>toring]]
    46: | <!-- Monitoring: -->
  12. Version Features (30,481 bytes)
    1: ...rowser/src/router/rules/ rules] for finer granularity of available features.
    5: ...unit's version may slightly differ from another unit's version.
    12: ...;" border=1 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=3 class="wikitable"
    101: | Bandwidth Monitoring
    616: | [[Linking_Routers |Repeater]]
  13. 什么是 "DD-WRT"? (53,158 bytes)
    27: ...;" border=1 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=3 class="wikitable sortable"
    35: ! [[:Category:Monitoring|Moni-<br>toring]]
    47: | <!-- Monitoring: -->
    59: | <!-- Monitoring: -->
    71: | <!-- Monitoring: -->
  14. Bridging (2,653 bytes)
    12: ... LAN. The subnet LAN has clients connected to it with cable connections. (On the firmware page, the me...
    25: ...secondary router. Security measures and access limits are controlled by your main router.
    28: ...Many problems occur, so you should stay away from it. Better use Atheros [[WDS#Atheros]]
    32: =Repeater Bridge=
    33: ...either your main router or your secondary router (repeater bridge).
  15. Universal Wireless Repeater (9,297 bytes)
    1: ...s]] / [[Linking Routers]] / '''Universal Wireless Repeater'''
    6: A repeater is just a very normal client which, at the same t...
    8: ...ATE instructions for creating a special UNIVERSAL repeater as explained below, not for linking the routers y...
    10: ...once you have this appliance setup, it will work with any open network.
    12: ... space, which is different from address space the repeater connects to.
  16. Firmware FAQ (39,234 bytes)
    14: OpenVPN support requires routers with at least 8mb flash, and for better speeds use AR...
    22: ...d_Devices|Supported Devices]]. There are routers with DD-WRT preinstalled, but they tend to be more ex...
    27: ...device wiki or a specific forum topic, specific initial flash instructions to use an older/very specif...
    34: *Atheros and Ralink routers use custom builds with a varying feature sets: do not ask for a differe...
    35: *Note: Atheros and Ralink routers with 4mb flash will '''not''' have features like Hots...
  17. AutoAP (11,423 bytes)
    2: ...paremeters are highly configurable, including ability to configure secure connections.
    4: ...d use this script on your router while in [[UWR | Repeater Mode]], [[Client_Mode_Wireless | Client Mode]], o...
    7: :''Before using this guide, it is recommended that you know how to:<br>''
    10: ... setup [[UWR | Repeater Mode]], [[Client_Mode_Wireless | Client Mode]] or...
    17: the latest v24beta), use the following script. It clears wl_ssid to dynamically connect to any open...
  18. LaFonera Info Hardware-Specifications (3,830 bytes)
    10: * Ethernet: (1x) Altima AC101 (10/100 Mbit/s) [Auto-MDI(X)]
    17: * Reset Switch
    40: LaFonera complies with the following standards:
    45: * Humidity: 5% to 95% (Non-condensing)
    60: * Siemens Gigaset Wlan repeater 108
  19. LaFonera (en) (6,312 bytes)
    34: ...676 and beyond) are broken and do not boot, necessitating recovery via Redboot.
    37: ... been running version 12533 for months at a time with no major issues,
    53: ...n the forums / have least buggy features. As of writing the latest Fonera DD-WRT version was 04/25.
    56: ...t time, follow the [[LaFonera_Software_Flashing|Initial Flashing]] guide.
    65: to OpenWrt Kamikaze with only 60MB. Kamikaze with all packages and source tarballs downloads about...
  20. Routeurs en mode réseau WDS (6,113 bytes)
    1: ... Wifi en utilisant plusieurs routeurs sans nécessité de les relier entre eux par de câbles. Un mail...
    3: ...WRT, ce mode fonctionne avec les niveaux de sécurité WEP, WPA et WPA2 activés. Allez toutefois jete...
    5: =Produits supportés=
    6: * 3Com OfficeConnect,3CRWE454G72, en mode Repeater
    8: * [

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