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HOWTOs for basic configuration scenarios

This is a list of configuration guides most users will employ at least to a certain degree. These HOWTOs should also be consulted by new users before setting up their devices.

HOWTOs for more advanced configuration scenarios

These HOWTOs require a certain degree of knowledge about IP networks, Firewalls, Linux and more. Users unfamiliar with such knowledge

Additional installable packages

This list covers additional software that can be installed on devices running DD-WRT. Note that you can install any OpenWRT package, using ipkg. Additionally more than 400 packages were provided recently with NSLU2-Linux Optware packages.

BWlog -- Bandwidth Log - realtime bandwidth graphing.
iftop -- for ncurses-based monitoring of active connections and their bandwidth
Kismet Server/Drone -- using a windows box to display results
Port Knocker daemon
Miau IRC Bouncer
Multi Router Traffic Grapher
No-IP.com Client
VNCRepeater -- connect to multiple vnc servers behind a NAT firewall and only have to forward one port. Note: Someone pls create and adapt this page for dd-wrt.
wrt54g kismet with linux server -- using a linux box to display results
Wiviz - DHTML interface to scan for networks and see signal strength and effects of antenna adjustment in real time
vsftpd -- FTP server