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[edit] Introduction

Adds two pages of information showing real-time bandwidth use. When used as a (part of a) startup script one or more small packages are downloaded into WRT's /tmp.

This is a great bandwidth logging app that runs on the WRT54G. The latest version will backup to ftp or jffs and will restore automatically after a reboot etc. Very good for people with limited bandwidth per billing period.

[edit] Prerequisites

You should already have:

  • a Linksys WRT54G product;
  • DD-WRT installed as the firmware.

[edit] Installation

Short version (cut'n paste from

cd /tmp
tar -xzf wrtbwlog.tgz
rm wrtbwlog.tgz
cd bwlog

Open browser to: http://ip-from-your-router:8000

See the links below for more details.

[edit] Links