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[edit] Services

[edit] Provider

[edit] Your own system

  • All previously linked info here is deprecated or links are broken/not responding. If you have any information on a DIY system, please add it to the wiki edit request thread in the forum.

[edit] Commercial

Indio Networks.

[edit] Chillispot Service Providers (CSPs)

  • A hosted Chillispot portal can be used to speed-up HotSpot setup and Management, and ease payment and other back-end requirements.
  • Only a DD-WRT Device is necessary, the rest is done by third parties listed below.

Disclaimer: NONE of the following links are endorsements. You are Entirely Responsible Solely for your Choices. Note: has been recommended by many people as having the best support and development. Free for free hotspots. Earn 75% in revenue sharing (direct payment) or 100% with a subscription. Tickets (voucher) with a subscription or per ticket pricing. Free sign up with a revenue share based solution for paid hotspots. Web-based billing software for wireless internet hotspots. $0 set-up, $0 monthly fees.

Any of these systems linked above are designed to replace both a local radius server and webserver, and bring powerful features. Simply register online and create your hotspot. Then you can get the configuration setting:

Setup DD-WRT for WorldSpot
Setup DD-WRT for HotSpotSystem
Setup DD-WRT for EngageHotspots

[edit] Hotspot Web-based Management System / Management Software

Hotspotexpress HotSpot services to use with Chillispot
pointHotspot web-based hotspot management solution with online payment support for PayPal,
Softvision Explorer

[edit] Links