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[edit] Quick overview

Wifidog is a client/Server portal system which can fullfil a lot of your client login or splash-only needs.

From v24, DDWrt includes a wifidog daemon that can be easily configured with just a few clicks.

[edit] France Wireless example

Here is an example configuration for the Wifidog server run by France Wireless (6K users)  :

Go To Services -> Hotspot .

Click "Enable" on the Wifidog section.

Depending on your Wifidog server configuration, the parameters may be different from these:-

  • Enter the MAC address of the Wifi interface that will be used for the hotspot in the "GatewayID".
  • Fill up the server parameters with the server : auth.wireless-fr.org
  • Activate SSL authentification
  • Save and apply.

You should afterwards be redirected to a page saying that the Node is not know on the server, please send a mail to rafi AT wireless-fr.org containing your GatewayID.