Watchguard Firebox Edge

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This tutorial gives you infromation about the Watchguard Firebox Edge series which includes the models X10e(-W), X20e(-W) and X55e(-W)


[edit] Install DD-WRT

[edit] Via Serial Port

[edit] Reset

The device can be reset to factory defaults by holding down the reset button when powering up

[edit] Hardware

  • Intel IXP 422 @ 266MHz
  • 6x 10/100Mbps ports (Marvell 88E6060)
  • 1x mPCI (optional WIFI)
  • 128MB SD-RAM
  • 1MB NOR Flash
  • 64MB NAND Flash
  • 12V/1.2A PSU
  • 2x RS232
  • Backup battery (+)

(+) The switch on the PCB enables/disables the backup battery. Default is enabled. With it enabled going throught the factory reset procedure will restore the firmware but not your settings (local IP, admin logon etc...). Resetting with the switch off trully resets everything.

[edit] Serial port

You have to hold the reset button while powering on to see the boot up on the rear serial connector. Serial settings 115200 bps,8,N,1
Password: F5BA25AB44724fb5A6DD37554809CE34

[edit] Internal

serial pinout:
1: 3.3V
2: Rx
3: Tx
4: GND

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