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[edit] redundant page?

How is this page related to it's twin brother Beschreibung_der_einzelnen_Einstellungen_(dd-wrt? Looks like one of them is redundant, isn't it? --

Ah thanks for the hint! I've made a few changes to the page an was disappointed that I couldn't find them anymore but they were on the page mentioned by you! In fact it's the same but this one is more up to date I think... I will try to the remove another one. --

Using Arcor (German ISP) via PPPoE with FON advanced firmware 0.6.0 (DD-WRT build #23 SP1) @ WRT54GS

I don't like to continue using the - not only optical but also - functional ugly Arcor WLAN 100 (made by ZyXEL) router together with WRTS54GS (a nice one... :) to participate in the fon community. So I've tried to set up a PPPoE conection to Arcor with the aove mentioned Linksys system and failed. :(

I've defined the Static DNS 1 and 2 (, but couln't find a field where I can set the IB subnet mask (of the WAN not LAN). I also couln't find the default gateway of Arcor and do I even need it to set up in a PPPoE connection?

... a desperated fonero looking for help.

Sorry, dass ich das ganze in Eng. schreibe aber die Frage habe ich schon im FON-Forum gestellt und leider keine Antwort darauf erhalten. ;( Hat es schon jmd. geschafft? Zur Zeit ist mein Linksys-Router über DHCP mit dem §&&/"§"§ Arcor-Router verbunden. 14:59, 3 Apr 2006 (CEST)