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  1. DD-WRT Doku (DE) (83,042 bytes)
    393: ...irmwares. You must use the 'generic' build for TFTPing to these units).
    396: ...These versions were just made specifically for TFTPing to those routers.
    399: ...These versions were just made specifically for TFTPing to those routers.
    402: ...These versions were just made specifically for TFTPing to those routers.
    740: die unter II. 1. festgelegten) TCP/IP Adressen pingen. Weiterhin sehr Ihr auf der Statusseite der Rou...
  2. Static PPTP VPN Client (18,128 bytes)
    38: ...ocal network. The router connected fine and could ping inside the VPN server but the computers were left...
  3. Busybox (1,817 bytes)
    26: pidof, ping, pivot_root, printf, ps, pwd, reboot, reset, rm, ...
  4. Skript-Schnipsel (15,104 bytes)
    291: ping -c 5 > /dev/null # ping 5 packets
  5. Recover from a bad flash (41,825 bytes)
    36: [[bootloader]] is present. However, if you can ping (your router IP) you can try the TFTP...
    71: ....77 with as your gateway and then try pinging the router again. Finally, you may want to us...
    73: Power the router on with a continuous ping running in a command window:
    75: ping -t -w 2
    77: ...'-w 2''' parameter forces a lower timeout for the ping answer, this makes easier to get an answer from t...
  6. Glossary (58,851 bytes)
    127: ... you won't need. When configured the router will ping one (or more) other computers and if it can not r...
    305: ...iguration around broken or blocked paths by “hopping” from node to node until the destination is rea...
    399: ...c'' option in ''Wireless'' probably uses IGMP snooping to filter it out. Disabling allows wireless clien...
    402: === Ping ===
    406: # To ping a device, enter "ping" (or whatever the device ip or web ad...
  7. WDS Linked router network (21,578 bytes)
    169: '''15.''' Test that you can ping the host from the client. Note that it may take a...
    316: ...h router use same LAN MAC address on WDS, you can ping any computer on both routers, but NOT either rout...
    320: ... you don’t see the other router and you can’t ping eithe, reboot both. If that does not work, disabl...
  8. OpenSwan (1,495 bytes)
    31: ... now it's completely gone. Wireless is off. Can't ping any interfaces. Tried hard reset and 30/30/30. No...
  9. Chillispot (36,629 bytes)
    296: ...ticast" and "Filter ident." and "Filter anonymous ping"
    511: ping
    513: Worldspot Users: If you don't have any ping return, check the output of "ifconfig" and post i...
  10. IPv6 (tutorial) (36,073 bytes)
    65: ...orts it might be helpful to install the ''iputils-ping6'' and ''iputils-traceroute6'' packages aswell.
    316: ...version of DD-WRT. Also if you have problems with pinging and SixXS, notice their [
    485: ...nally have issues with the tunnel dying randomly. Pinging the router's IPv6 address fixes it for some re...
    500: ...ecurity->Firewall->"Block Anonymous WAN Requests (ping) "
    502: Because uses a ping to verify the new ip address.
  11. Static DHCP (7,109 bytes)
    91: ...od to the end. I.e. instead of "ping server" try "ping server."
  12. Bootvorgang (68,911 bytes)
    264: ping Ping a remote IP host.
    706: ==='''ping'''===
    708: CFE> help ping
    712: Ping a remote IP host.
    716: ping [-t] remote-host
  13. Firewall Builder (7,019 bytes)
    19: ...t for 30 seconds and power off. Try if you can to ping your router while it's booting. If not, Good Luck...
  14. Wiederbeleben (2,917 bytes)
    7: ...ED blinkt nur noch und er reagiert nicht mehr auf Pings oder auf Zugriffsversuche über den Browser) gib...
    41: Jetzt starte mal bitte einen Dauerping in der Eingabeaufforderung mit
    43: '''ping -t'''
    45: anschließend wieder an und beobachte dann den ping.
    60: ... stromlos machen > Strom wieder ran und sobald im ping-Fenster die erste Antwort kommt auf die zweite DO...
  15. Wireless Bridge (43,131 bytes)
    200: ...ttings verified working on a WRT54Gv8. I couldn't ping my gateway before (on the far end router). I'm cu...
    224: ...blems getting the internet to work and I couldn't ping to the router. Again, maybe if I waited a bit mo...
    275: ...ocated DD-WRT "client bridge" mode radio and also ping the radios.
    292: ...DD-WRT "client bridge" radio, ping your radio and ping any remote devices behind your DD-WRT "client bri...
    311: ... screen "ping -t" the other 9 devices. While the "ping -t" is running, every device is forced to know th...
  16. JTAG-adapter (3,593 bytes)
    24: *12 to 14 ping ribbon cable or single wires
  17. Script examples (10,499 bytes)
    45: ...time by feeding MAC Addr from assoclist without typing MAC addr each time in telnet?"
    57: ping -c 5 >/dev/null # ping 5 packets
  18. Simple Network Management Protocol (12,816 bytes)
    324: (Ping is not working immediately, but an hour it works....
  19. NoCatSplash (16,630 bytes)
    9: ...o resolve the name to an IP address. However, the Ping packets will not actually go through until the Cl...
  20. Buffalo WBR-G54 WLA-G54 WLA-G54C WBR2-G54 WBR2-G54S (8,489 bytes)
    65: ...listen to this address during boot, and answer to pings with TTL=128. (DD-WRT answers with TTL=64)</font...
    88: ==No router access (no ping nor login) or bootlooping==

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