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  1. DD-WRT Doku (DE) (83,042 bytes)
    571: ... [ forums] nach "WHR-G54S bricked". Es gibt ausreichend Hilfe in diesen Threads, Si...
  2. Recover from a bad flash (41,673 bytes)
    5: So, you're afraid you've [[Glossary#Brick|bricked]] your router. Don't worry, there are a number of...
    9: To determine if the router is bricked, carefully follow the steps at note 6 of the peac...
    64: mtd erase linux '''(This bricked my Buffalo WHR-HP-GN! Don't do mtd erase linux!)...
    77: ...swer, this makes easier to get an answer from the bricked router.
    244: I managed to unbrick my WRT600N that I bricked yesterday with the following symptoms:
  3. Glossary (58,851 bytes)
    60: .... For more info, see the topic '''Is your router bricked?''' in Peackock Thread in the Broadcom Forum.
    264: ...mponent used to debrick a partially or completely bricked (but not dead) router.
  4. Linksys EA6500 V1 (23,843 bytes)
    363: should never be used as a first step if you've bricked your router.
  5. Journalling Flash File System (14,653 bytes)
    51: ...n BS's 12996,12874 and 12533 builds and partially bricked my router several times. (A simple power disconne...
  6. Linksys WRT610N (11,615 bytes)
    69: A simple way to recover a bricked device (confirmed to work with both CFE.12 and CF...
    147: ...oblem in the CFE, it is not possible to recover a bricked device using the commonly recommended boot-wait T...
  7. Feature requests (17,201 bytes)
    182: ...raded the factory firmware from their website, it bricked on me. The 4 ports still work fine but I couldn'...
  8. JTAG-adapter (3,593 bytes)
    9: ...p:// bricked] (nice story) your device by flashing it with inc...
    62: '''In a standard bricked situation you will never have to erase the cfe! H...
  9. Wiki discussion (5,344 bytes)
    27: and password?" would be an FAQ. "Is My Router Bricked" can hardly be an FAQ (It's frequently asked, yes...
    33: ...t how to get into the router, how to tell if it's bricked, all the common little complaints etc. But this ...
    42: Is my router bricked?
  10. DD-WRT Manual (SE) (30,300 bytes)
    157: ... är relativt ostabilt och kan göra din router [[bricked|obrukbar]].''<br>
  11. Recover from a bad flash/it (583 bytes)
    8: Ebbene, sei triste e demoralizzato per aver [[bricked(it)]] il tuo router. Rilassati e stai tranquillo,...
  12. Broadcom CFE backup (2,815 bytes)
    4: In case of a bricked router due to bootloader (mtd 0) overwrite, or to...
  13. Motorola WR850G (8,284 bytes)
    47: ...method above failed, you may find yourself with a bricked router. ''All is not lost!''
  14. WR850G v1 (26,232 bytes)
    53: ...Wrt-mini-moto, I ended up with some kind of "half-bricked" device. It was only reachable through Wlan and a...
    79: ...rst''' or you will end up with some kind of half-bricked router.--[[User:Berni|Berni]] 10:49, 14 Apr 2006 ...
    112: == Restore of a Motorola WR850G v1 which is "half-bricked" ==
    113: === What is "half-bricked"? ===
    114: The device is "half-bricked" when it is only reachable through Wlan and all L...
  15. Factory Defaults (25,206 bytes)
    14: ...d be cases where it errors out so badly that it [[bricked|bricks]] the router or makes it unbootable.
  16. Installation (20,814 bytes)
    47: ...ion, wasted time, and render your router useless (bricked). In other words, you may have to literally thro...
    120: ...unctions or the router appears to be (but is not) bricked.
    161: versions! Skipping these steps could lead to a bricked device!
    200: *The peacock thread's section on bricked routers ([
  17. Asus WL-500W (8,082 bytes)
    38: ...n BS's 12996,12874 and 12533 builds and partially bricked my router several times. (A simple power disconne...
  18. Version Features (30,481 bytes)
    1130: ... certain your device can support it or it will be bricked!'''<br>
  19. Instalación (27,687 bytes)
    65: ... convertir su router en un ladrillo/pisapapeles [[bricked|(brick)]]!'''
    68: ...resultar en un enrutador [[bricked|da&ntilde;ado (bricked)]].''
    311: ...el SE505 menciona, que el versión 2 fue dañado (bricked):
    315: 0000168 DD-wrt v23 B2 141105 SE505 v2 bricked
  20. Tutorial de instalación para WRT54G v4 (8,925 bytes)
    8: ...s el riesgo de quedar con el router inutilizado. "Bricked"</div>
    114: ...n que pude obtener sobre como recuperar un WRT ''bricked'' cuando relancé "" y me encontre con...

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