Asterisk 1.8+ with Google Voice

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This page will Outline:

1. [1] Link to Stardouser's CLI process of setting up Asterisk 1.8+ - Be sure to download 1.8 the first time and not 1.4 that is in the Optware script.

2. [2]Asterisk 1.8+ to communicate with a softphone or ATA device. (sip.conf file)

2b. Configure the GV jabber channel (jabber.conf and gtalk.conf)

3a. Configuring Asterisk 1.8+ to accept incoming calls from a Google Voice account.

3b. [3]Configure GV to direct calls to 'Google Chat' (your * server)

3c. Troubleshooting: Use the *CLI> jabber set debug on to view jabber traffic.

4. Configuring Asterisk 1.8+ to make outgoing calls from a Google Voice account.

The assumptions made for using this guide are as follows:

1. The user has a device that is using dd-wrt with a build of 12/2010 or later.

2. The user has set up the device with a clean install of Optware using the guide found here Optware, the Right Way

3. The user is able to SSH/Telnet into the device. (Setting this up will be detailed later.)

4. The user can either edit files using ViM on ther device while using SSH/Telnet


5. The user can transfer files to the device. (Setting this up will be detailed later.)

6. The user already has setup a Google Voice account (and has directed calls to Google Chat).