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'wl' is probably the most important tool in the routers firmware to access and control wireless hardware. It can be accesed from a telnet or SSH terminal or through the Web Interface. Tools such as Wiviz or Kismet Server/Drone use it to configure the radios, monitor packets and extract information directly from them.

[edit] Setup

No setup is required as 'wl' comes with all Broadcom DD-WRT installations.

(For Atheros Hardware, this functionality is absent/less developed, and users will need to use the 'ifconfig' and 'wl_atheros' commands instead.

See these threads: wl command "not found", Regarding "wl command not found" and others)


[edit] Usage

Most of the wireless options can be accessed using the program "wl" via the console window. This program has many more options than our WRT is able to process. Some can only be used in Client Mode and others only in Access Point (AP) Mode.

Usage: wl [-a|i <adapter>] [-hu] <command> [arguments]
 -a, -i        adapter name or number
 -h, -u        this message
~ # wl ssid
~ # wl txpwr1 -o -m 35

Note For NEWD-2 builds, you must specify the interface when performing a command.


~ # wl -i eth1 status

If you have multiple radios, then each one will have it's own interface, i.e eth2, eth3

[edit] Common Tasks

[edit] Toggle radio on/off, restart, etc

  • ~ # wl up

reinitialize adapter and mark as up

  • ~ # wl down

reset adapter and mark as down

  • ~ # wl out

mark adapter down but do not reset hardware.

  • ~ # wl radio

toggle radio on/off

~ # wl radio
~ # wl radio off
~ # wl radio
~ # wl radio on
  • ~ # wl restart

restart the driver. (Driver must already be down)

[edit] Alphabetical list of commands

[edit] aciargs

Get/Set various aci tuning parameters. Choices are:

       enter:  CRS glitch trigger level to start detecting ACI
       exit:   CRS glitch trigger level to exit ACI mode
       glitch  Seconds interval between ACI scans when glitchcount is continuously high
       spin:   Num microsecs to delay between rssi samples
       Usage: wl aciargs [enter x][exit x][spin x][glitch x]

[edit] addwep

Set an encryption key.

       The key must be 5, 13 or 16 bytes long, or
       10, 26, 32, or 64 hex digits long.  The encryption algorithm is
       automatically selected based on the key size. keytype is accepted
       only when key length is 16 bytes/32 hex digits and specifies
       whether AES-OCB or AES-CCM encryption is used. Default is ccm.
       addwep <keyindex> <keydata> [ocb | ccm] [notx] [xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx]

[edit] aes

Set AES options.

       wl aes [options]
       [on|enable|1]   enable AES
       [off|disable|0] disable AES
       [sw|software]   perform AES in software
       [hw|hardware]   perform AES in hardware

[edit] antdiv

Sets which antenna to use to receive on.

       0 - force use of antenna 0
       1 - force use of antenna 1
       3 - automatic selection of antenna diversity

Note: can be used in conjunction with 'wl txant' to set the transmit antenna.

[edit] ap

Set AP mode: 0 (STA) or 1 (AP)

[edit] assoc

Print information about current network association. (also known as "status")

    SSID: "XXXX"
    Mode: Managed   RSSI: -48 dBm   noise: -97 dBm  Channel: 6
    BSSID: XX:XX:XX:XX:XX:XX        Capability: ESS
    Supported Rates: [ 1(b) 2(b) 5.5 11 ]

[edit] assoclist

AP only: Get the list of associated MAC addresses.

[edit] atten

Set the transmit attenuation for B band.

       Args: bb radio txctl1.
       auto to revert to automatic control

[edit] authe_sta_list

Get authenticated sta mac address list

[edit] autho_sta_list

Get authorized sta mac address list

[edit] authorize

Restrict traffic to 802.1X packets until 802.1X authorization succeeds

[edit] band

Returns or sets the current band

       auto - auto switch between available bands (default)
       a - force use of 802.11a band
       b - force use of 802.11b band

[edit] bands

Return the list of available 802.11 bands

[edit] bssid

Get the BSSID value, error if STA and not associated

[edit] cap

Display WL Capabilities

     ap sta wet led wme pio 802.11d 802.11h rm cqa afterburner

[edit] channel

Set the channel:

       valid channels for 802.11b/g (2.4GHz band) are 1 through 14
       valid channels for 802.11a  (5 GHz band) are:
               36, 40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64,
               100, 104, 108, 112, 116,120, 124, 128, 132, 136, 140,
               149, 153, 157, 161,
               184, 188, 192, 196, 200, 204, 208, 212, 216

[edit] channel_qa

Get last channel quality measurment

[edit] channel_qa_start

Start a channel quality measurment

[edit] clk

set board clock state. return error for set_clk attempt if the driver is not down

       0: clock off
       1: clock on

[edit] cmds

Generates a short list of all available wl commands.

(Most wireless options can be set and monitored via the wl console program.)

~ # wl cmds
ver               cmds              up                down
out               clk               restart           reboot
ucflags           radio             dump              srdump
nvdump            nvset             nvget             revinfo
msglevel          PM                wake              promisc
monitor           frag              rts               cwmin
cwmax             srl               lrl               rate
mrate             infra             ap                bssid
channel           tssi              txpwr             txpwr1
txpathpwr         txpwrlimit        powerindex        atten
phyreg            radioreg          shmem             macreg
antdiv            txant             plcphdr           phytype
scbdump           ratedump          rateparam         wepstatus
primary_key       addwep            rmwep             wep
tkip              aes               keys              tsc
wsec_test         tkip_countermeasures wsec_restrict     eap
authorize         deauthorize       deauthenticate    wsec
wpa_auth          set_pmk           scan              passive
regulatory        spect             scanresults       assoc
status            disassoc          chanlist          channels
channels_in_country curpower          scansuppress      evm
rateset           roam_trigger      roam_delta        roam_scan_period
suprates          scan_channel_time scan_unassoc_time scan_home_time
scan_passive_time scan_nprobes      prb_resp_timeout  channel_qa
channel_qa_start  country           locale            join
ssid              mac               macmode           wds
lazywds           noise             fqacurcy          crsuprs
int               lbt               band              bands
phylist           shortslot         shortslot_override shortslot_restrict
ignore_bcns       pktcnt            upgrade           gmode
gmode_protection  gmode_protection_control gmode_protection_cts gmode_protection_override
legacy_erp        scb_timeout       assoclist         rssi
isup              fasttimer         slowtimer         glacialtimer
radar             rssidump          interference      aciargs
frameburst        pwr_percent       wet               dtim
wds_remote_mac    wds_wpa_role_old  wds_wpa_role      authe_sta_list
autho_sta_list    measure_req       quiet             csa
constraint        rm_req            rm_rep            wme
sta_info          cap
~ #

This program has many more options than our WRT is able to process.
Some can only be used in Client Mode and others only in Access Point (AP) Mode.

[edit] country

Select Country code for use with 802.11d

       Use either long name or abbreviation from ISO 3166.
       Use 'wl country list [band(a or b)]' for the list of supported countries

[edit] constraint

Send an 802.11h Power Constraint IE

       Usage: wl constraint 1-255 db

[edit] crsuprs

Manufacturing test: set carrier suppression mode.

       carriersuprs syntax is: crsuprs <channel>
       Arg is channel number 1-14, or 0 to stop the test.

[edit] csa

Send an 802.11h channel switch anouncement

       Usage wl csa <mode> <when (in TBTTs)> <channel>

[edit] cwmin

Set the cwmin. (integer [1, 255])

[edit] cwmax

Set the cwmax. (integer [256, 2047])

[edit] disassoc

Disassociate from the current BSS/IBSS.

[edit] dtim

Get/Set DTIM

[edit] dump

print driver software state and chip registers to stdout

~ # wl dump
wl0: Aug  2 2004 14:32:51 version

resets 27
perm_etheraddr 00:90:4c:xx:xx:xx cur_etheraddr 00:12:17:xx:xx:xx
board 0x101, board rev 1.0
wsec 0 auth 0 wsec_index -1 wep_algo 0
rate_override 0
antdiv_override 1 txant 1
current_bss.BSSID 00:fb:dd:xx:xx:xx
current_bss.SSID "www.fbn-dd.de (HSS)"
assoc_state 0 associated 1
~ #

[edit] deauthenticate

Deauthenticate a STA from the AP with optional reason code (AP ONLY)

[edit] deauthorize

Do not restrict traffic to 802.1X packets until 802.1X authorization succeeds

[edit] eap

Restrict traffic to 802.1X packets until 802.1X authorization succeeds

       0 - disable
       1 - enable

[edit] chanlist

Return valid channels for the current settings is nice.

[edit] channels

Return valid channels for the current settings.

[edit] channels_in_country

Return valid channels for the country specified.

       Arg 1 is the country abbreviation
       Arg 2 is the band(a or b) (editors note: only b seems to be recognized in dd-wrt v22)
       Example: wl channels_in_country JP b

[edit] curpower

Return current tx power settings

[edit] evm

Start an EVM test on the given channel, or stop EVM test.

       Arg 1 is channel number 1-14, or "off" or 0 to stop the test.
       Arg 2 is optional rate (1, 2, 5.5 or 11)

[edit] frameburst

Disable/Enable frameburst mode

[edit] fasttimer

Get/Set High frequency watchdog timeout (tx_power) [15 sec]

[edit] frag

Set the fragmentation threshhold. (integer [256, 2346])

[edit] fqacurcy

Manufacturing test: set frequency accuracy mode.

       freqacuracy syntax is: fqacurcy <channel>
       Arg is channel number 1-14, or 0 to stop the test.

[edit] glacialtimer

Get/Set Very Low frequency watchdog timeout (measurelo) [120 sec]

[edit] gmode

Set the 54g Mode

  • LegacyB -
  • Auto [default]
  • BDeferred -
  • Performance -
  • LRS - Limited Rate Support used to improve compatibility with older 802.11b cards.
  • Afterburner -

[edit] gmode_protection

Get G protection mode.

        0 - disabled
        1 - enabled

[edit] gmode_protection_control

Get/Set 11g protection mode control alg.

        (0=always off, 1=monitor local association, 2=monitor overlapping BSS)

[edit] gmode_protection_cts

Get/Set 11g protection type to CTS

        (0=disable, 1=enable)

[edit] gmode_protection_override

Get/Set 11g protection mode override.

        (-1=auto, 0=disable, 1=enable)

[edit] ignore_bcns

AP only (G mode): Check for beacons without NONERP element (0=Examine beacons, 1=Ignore beacons)

[edit] int

Interrupt Test - remember to precede by 'wl down' and follow by 'wl up'

[edit] interference

Get/Set interference mitigation mode. Choices are:

       0 = none
       1 = non wlan
       2 = wlan manual
       3 = wlan automatic

[edit] infra

Set Infrastructure mode: 0 (ad-hoc IBSS) or 1 (managed BSS)

[edit] isup

Get driver operational state (0=down, 1=up)

[edit] join

Join a specified network SSID.

Join syntax is:

join <ssid> [key xxxxx] [imode bss|ibss] [amode open|shared|wpa|wpapsk|wpanone]

[edit] keys

Prints a list of the current WEP keys

[edit] lazywds

Set or get "lazy" WDS mode (dynamically grant WDS membership to anyone).

[edit] lbt

Loopback Test - remember to precede by 'wl down' and follow by 'wl up'

[edit] legacy_erp

Get/Set 11g legacy ERP inclusion (0=disable, 1=enable)

[edit] locale

OBSOLETE: use "wl country"

       Select the country:

[edit] lrl

lrl Set the long retry limit. (integer [1, 255])

[edit] mac

Set or get the list of source MAC address matches.

       wl mac xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx [xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx ...]
       To Clear the list: wl mac none

[edit] macmode

Set the mode of the MAC list.

       0 - Disable MAC address matching.
       1 - Deny association to stations on the MAC list.
       2 - Allow association to stations on the MAC list.

[edit] macreg

Get/Set any mac registers(include IHR and SB)

       macreg offset size[2,4] [value]

[edit] measure_req

Send an 802.11h measurement request.

       Usage: wl measure_req <type> <target MAC addr>
       Measurement types are: TPC, Basic, CCA, RPI
       Target MAC addr format is xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx

[edit] monitor

set monitor mode

       0 - disable
       1 - enable active monitor mode (interface still operates)

[edit] mrate

force a fixed multicast rate:

       valid values for 802.11a are (6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54)
       valid values for 802.11b are (1, 2, 5.5, 11)
       valid values for 802.11g are (1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54)
       -1 (default) means automatically determine the best rate
  • After using wl mrate set the multicast rate, how to check if it has been correctly setted? How to get the current mrate value? Skygunner

[edit] msglevel

set driver console debugging message bitvector

          type 'wl msglevel ?' for values

[edit] noise

Get noise (moving average) right after tx in dBm

[edit] nvdump

print nvram variables to stdout No function. Use nvram show!

[edit] nvget

get the value of an nvram variable

[edit] nvset

set an nvram variable

       name=value (no spaces around '=')

[edit] passive

Puts scan engine into passive mode

[edit] phylist

Return the list of available phytypes

[edit] phyreg

Get/Set a phy register.

[edit] radioreg

Get/Set a radio register.

[edit] phytype

Get phy type

[edit] pktcnt

Get the summary of good and bad packets.

[edit] plcphdr

Set the plcp header.

       "long" or "auto" or "debug"

[edit] PM

set driver power management mode:

       0: CAM (constantly awake)
       1: PS  (power-save)
       2: FAST PS mode

[edit] powerindex

Set the transmit power for A band(0-63).

       -1 - default value

[edit] prb_resp_timeout

Get/Set probe response timeout

[edit] primary_key

Set or get index of primary key

[edit] promisc

set promiscuous mode ethernet address reception

       0 - disable
       1 - enable

[edit] pwr_percent

Get/Set power output percentage

[edit] quiet

Send an 802.11h quiet command.

       Usage: wl quiet <TBTTs until start>, <duration (in TUs)>, <offset (in TUs)>

[edit] radar

Enable/Disable radar

[edit] radio

When used without arguments, toggles radio on/off.

up - reinitialize adapter and mark as up
down - reset adapter and mark as down
out - mark adapter down but do not reset hardware
restart -

wl radio
wl radio up

[edit] rate

force a fixed rate:

       valid values for 802.11a are (6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54)
       valid values for 802.11b are (1, 2, 5.5, 11)
       valid values for 802.11g are (1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, 54)
       -1 (default) means automatically determine the best rate

[edit] ratedump

print driver rate selection tunables and per-scb state to stdout

       valid scb values are
       0 through NSCB-1

[edit] rateparam

set driver rate selection tunables

       arg 1: tunable id
       arg 2: tunable value

[edit] rateset

Returns or sets the supported and basic rateset.

      (b) indicates basic
       With no args, returns the rateset. Args are
       rateset "default" | "all" | <arbitrary rateset>
               default - driver defaults
               all - all rates are basic rates
               arbitrary rateset - list of rates
       List of rates are in Mbps and each rate is optionally followed
       by "(b)" or "b" for a Basic rate. Example: 1(b) 2b 5.5 11
       At least one rate must be Basic for a legal rateset.

[edit] reboot

Reboot platform

[edit] revinfo

get hardware revision information

~ # wl revinfo
vendorid: 0x14e4
deviceid: 0x4320
radiorev: 0x22050000
chipnum: 0x4712
chiprev: 0x1
corerev: 0x7
boardid: 0x101
boardvendor: 0x14e4
boardrev: 0x10
driverrev: 0x33c0d00
ucoderev: 0x1180016
bus: 0x0
~ #

[edit] regulatory

Get/Set regulatory domain mode (802.11d). Driver must be down.

[edit] roam_delta

Set the roam candidate qualification delta. (integer)

[edit] rm_rep

Get current radio measurement report

[edit] rm_req

Request a radio measurement of type basic, cca, or rpi

       specify a series of measurement types each followed by options.
       example: wl rm_req cca -c 1 -d 50 cca -c 6 cca -c 11
       -t n  numeric token id for measurement set or measurement
       -c n  channel
       -d n  duration in TUs (1024 us)
       -p    parallel flag, measurement starts at the same time as previous
       Each measurement specified uses the same channel and duration as the
       previous unless a new channel or duration is specified.

[edit] rmwep

Remove the encryption key at the specified key index.

[edit] roam_scan_period

Set the roam candidate qualification delta. (integer)

[edit] roam_trigger

Set the roam trigger RSSI threshold. (integer)

[edit] rssi

Get the current RSSI (signal strength) value.

In AP mode, you must specify the mac address of the wireless card who's signal signal you wish to monitor. You can use wl assoclist to get the client mac list.

     wl rssi <MAC_ADDR_OF_CLIENT>

In client mode there is no need to specify the MAC address of the AP as it will just use the AP that you are associated with.

See also: Signal Strength on the Script Examples page for a one line script to display a bar graph of the current signal level.

[edit] rssidump

Dump rssi values from aci scans

[edit] rts

Set the RTS threshhold. (integer [0, 2347])

[edit] scan_channel_time

Get/Set scan channel time

[edit] scan_home_time

Get/Set scan home channel dwell time

[edit] scan_nprobes

Get/Set scan parameter for number of probes to use per channel scanned

[edit] scan_passive_time

Get/Set passive scan channel dwell time

[edit] scan_unassoc_time

Get/Set unassociated scan channel dwell time

[edit] scanresults

Return results from last scan.

[edit] scansuppress

Suppress all scans for testing.

       0 - allow scans
       1 - suppress scans

[edit] scb_timeout

AP only: inactivity timeout value for authenticated stas

[edit] scbdump

print driver scb state to stdout

[edit] scan

Initiate a scan.

       Default an active scan across all channels for any SSID.
       Optional arg: SSID, the SSID to scan.
       -s S, --ssid=S          SSID to scan
       -t ST, --scan_type=ST   [active|passive] scan type
       --bss_type=BT           [bss/infra|ibss/adhoc] bss type to scan
       -b MAC, --bssid=MAC     particular BSSID MAC address to scan, xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
       -n N, --nprobes=N       number of probes per scanned channel
       -a N, --active=N        dwell time per channel for active scanning
       -p N, --passive=N       dwell time per channel for passive scanning
       -h N, --home=N          dwell time for the home channel between channel scans
       -c L, --channels=L      comma or space separated list of channels to scan

NOTE: 'wl scan' does not work in AP Mode. To scan please use:

wl ap 0
wl scan
wl scanresults
wl ap 1 (back to AP mode)

[edit] set_pmk

Set passphrase for PMK in driver-resident supplicant.

[edit] shmem

Get/Set a shared memory location.

[edit] shortslot

Get/Set 11g Short Slot Timing mode. (-1=auto, 0=long, 1=short)

[edit] shortslot_override

Get/Set 11g Short Slot Timing mode override. (-1=auto, 0=long, 1=short)

[edit] shortslot_restrict

Get/Set AP Restriction on associations for 11g Short Slot Timing capable STAs.

       0 - Do not restrict association based on ShortSlot capability
       1 - Restrict association to STAs with ShortSlot capability

[edit] slowtimer

Get/Set Low frequency watchdog timeout (nrssislope) [60 sec]

[edit] spect

Get/Set 802.11h Spectrum Management mode.

       0 - Off
       1 - Loose interpretation of spec - may join non-11h APs
       2 - Strict interpretation of spec - may not join non-11h APs

[edit] srdump

print contents of SPROM to stdout (Functions neither in AP, nor in Client mode for output - really??)

[edit] srl

srl Set the short retry limit. (integer [1, 255])

[edit] ssid

Set or get the current SSID.

       Setting will initiate an assoication attempt if in infrastructure mode,
       or join/creation of an IBSS if in IBSS mode,
       or creation of a BSS if in AP mode.

[edit] sta_info

wl sta_info <xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx>

[edit] status

Print information about current network association. (also known as "assoc")

[edit] suprates

Returns or sets the 11g override for the supported rateset.

       With no args, returns the rateset. Args are a list of rates,
       or 0 or -1 to specify an empty rateset to clear the override.
       List of rates are in Mbps, example: 1 2 5.5 11

[edit] tkip

Set TKIP options.

       wl tkip [options]
       [on|enable|1]   enable TKIP
       [off|disable|0] disable TKIP
       [sw|software]   perform TKIP in software
       [hw|hardware]   perform TKIP in hardware

[edit] tkip_countermeasures

Enable or disable TKIP countermeasures (TKIP-enabled AP only)

       0 - disable
       1 - enable

[edit] tsc

Print Tx Sequence Couter for key at specified key index.

[edit] tssi

Get the tssi value from radio

[edit] txant

Set the transmit antenna

       0 - force use of antenna 0
       1 - force use of antenna 1
       3 - use the RX antenna selection that was in force during
           the most recently received good PLCP header

Note: can be used in conjunction with 'wl antdiv' to set the receive antenna

[edit] txpathpwr

Turn the tx path power on or off on 2050 radios

[edit] txpwr

Set transmit power in milliwatts. Range [1, 84]. (Deprecated: Use txpwr1 instead)

This can be set to a value above 84, but it may damage your hardware especially over prolonged use -- use with caution.

[edit] txpwr1

Set tx power in in various units. Choose one of (default: dbm):

       -d dbm units
       -q quarter dbm units
       -m milliwatt units

Can be combined with:

       -o turn on override to disable regulatory and other limitations

[edit] txpwrlimit

Return current tx power limit

[edit] ucflags

Get/Set ucode flags

[edit] upgrade

Upgrade the firmware on an embedded device

[edit] ver

Version information

~ # wl ver
wl:     3.60 RC13.0
        wl0: Aug  2 2004 14:32:51 version
~ #

[edit] wake

set driver power-save mode sleep state:

       0: core-managed
       1: awake

[edit] wds

Set or get the list of WDS member MAC addresses.

       Set using a space separated list of MAC addresses.
        wl wds xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx [xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx ...]

[edit] wds_remote_mac

Get WDS link remote endpoint's MAC address

[edit] wds_wpa_role

Get/Set WDS link local endpoint's WPA role

[edit] wds_wpa_role_old

Get WDS link local endpoint's WPA role (old)

[edit] wep

Set WEP options.

       wl wep [options]
       [on|enable|1]   enable WEP
       [off|disable|0] disable WEP
       [sw|software]   perform WEP in software
       [hw|hardware]   perform WEP in hardware

[edit] wepstatus

Set or Get WEP status

       wepstatus [on|off]

[edit] wet

Get/Set wireless ethernet bridging mode

[edit] wsec

Wireless security bit vector

       1 - WEP enabled
       2 - TKIP enabled
       4 - AES enabled
       8 - WSEC in software

[edit] wsec_test

Generate wsec errors

       wsec_test <test_type> <keyindex|xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx>
       type 'wl wsec_test ?' for test_types

[edit] wme

Set WME (Wireless Multimedia Extensions) mode (0=off, 1=on)

[edit] wsec_restrict

Drop unencrypted packets if WSEC is enabled

       0 - disable
       1 - enable

[edit] wpa_auth

WPA authorization mode

       [none|0]        none
       [unspecified|1] WPA 802.1X
       [psk|2]         WPA PSK
       [disable|255]   disable WPA

[edit] External links

  • [1] broadcom-wl-drv (auf Englisch)
  • [2] broadcom-wl package(auf Englisch)