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Colors and Cleanup

Great if we could get a consistent color theme going with the DD-WRT website, image updates, etc.....

Needed administrator on backend for the heavy stuff I would assume..get rid of this ugly non-ddwrt white color --Tempnegro

I'm already working on this... I have an almost completed wiki skin and am currently working on a new structure of the articles. Click here to see a screenshot of the new layout/skin. --Interex 08:32, 29 Sep 2006 (CEST)

your a m a z i n g --Tempnegro 08:52, 29 Sep 2006 (CEST)

Wow, that's great! Treb 12:17, 1 Oct 2006 (CEST)

Who wouldn't :), its almost been a month now, just checking to see whats the deal and progress--whiteboy 06:22, 31 Oct 2006 (CET)

Having permission from BrainSlayer I started some cleanup, ignoring/deleting UnderConstruction warnings Interex had put. I hope he will come back some day with the new layout, but in the meantime WIKI HAS TO LIVE :) --Kubanczyk 03:19, 19 Dec 2006 (CET)

Server Upgrade

Looks like the version of software running on this server is pretty old. Some of the new features make usability much better. I'm available to do upgrades if we want to go that route. --Lullabud 05:31, 21 Nov 2006 (CET)

Main Page Organization

I'm thinking that we need to have a category on the main page called "Articles". The two articles I've written don't really fit into the normal FAQ's. Should FAQ's be fairly brief concise statements on popular little problems? For example, "What's the default user name and password?" would be an FAQ. "Is My Router Bricked" can hardly be an FAQ (It's frequently asked, yes) but the explanation for that one is a long one. Is that OK? Do we need a brief explanation and a more detailed one?

Well there is a Index:Misc on the main page for miscellaneous articles, yours would probably fit best there. As for the FAQ I think it would be best to keep them short and to the point but leave a link at the bottom to an article that goes more into detail about the subject should the person require more information. --Interex Agreed! --AycheKay

We could have one article that talks about accessing the GUI, using a static IP in the correct schema, default user name and password, "Are the lights blinking", don't use the setup CD, don't use the SES button on the front, etc. This article would help newbies figure out how to get into the router, how to tell if it's bricked, all the common little complaints etc. But this is almost too large for an FAQ? Or is it.

Yeah that might be too large for a FAQ, that would probably fit best under the Guides section located in Index:Support. Hmm, might want to add a new index to the front, something like New to DD-WRT and place it under there? --Interex

The following FAQ's could all point to this same article: How do I access the Web GUI? How do I change settings on my router? Is my router bricked? What's the default user name and password? Can I use the SES button on the front of the router? Can I use the setup CD that came with the router?

Any opinions?