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-The goal of this Wiki is to provide a complete documentation that caters the needs of both news users seeking guidance and experienced users looking for new challenges.+delete me
- +
-Of particular importance are:+
-* Answers to FAQ+
-* Documenting the most commonly used features+
-* Converting interesting [ forum] posts into easily usable howto guides+
-* Translating from one Wiki language to another+
-* Making documents legible and organized.+
- +
-Like every Wiki project, this one is kept alive by community collaboration! Everyone is encouraged to write, edit and comment on articles.+
- +
- +
-When contributing work, please use the following rules for writing articles:+
- +
-* Please think of headlines and apply a table of contents when your article gets longer+
-* Use categories, apply an existing category to your article or create a new one. Categories make it easier to browse to other articles in the same general field of interest.+
- +
-TODO: more rules for new articles+
- +
-Have fun!+
- +
- +
-[[Category:English documentation]]+

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