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-This is an infant wiki! Please help by fixing formatting and adding content!+#REDIRECT [[Common Questions#Web Interface|Web Interface]]
- +
-The easiest way to configure your WRT54G with DD-WRT installed is through the web interface. This provides an experience more like configuring a desktop application. :-). Also, this may look a bit different from other web applications you have seen in the past.+
-[[Image:Wpa2.JPG|thumb|none|600px|The current standard interface of v23]]+
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-*Open a web browser+
-*In the location bar, enter ''<Router_IP>''+
-*Hit Enter/Return or click Go+
-*There is no username to enter+
-*Enter the password for your router.+
- +
-By default, ''<Router_IP>'' is<br>+
-Default username is left blank however use ''root'' (so username and pwd can be saved to browser) [or use firefox, because it doesn't care].+
-<b>Note:</b> doesn't apply anymore: on v23 SP1, the default username is ''root''<br>+
-Default password is ''admin''<br>+
- +
- +
-<b>Hint:</b> if you're on a remote location with access to your router through telnet/ssh (e.g. by first logging in on a LAN server) and you want temporary web access from that location, you may use:+
- iptables -I INPUT -p tcp -s <remote_location_ip> --dport 80 -j ACCEPT+
-The webaccess will be secure again when the router reboots (unless you turned <i>remote_administration</i> on ofcourse ;)).+
- +
- +
-== Regaining access ==+
-If for some reason you completely lose web access to the router (for example, at least in the official v23, you can't prevent wireless access to the web interface without also preventing wired access to it. I don't know if it's a bug or a feature but still, it's there), you can ssh into the router and start the web server by entering the following commands: <pre>cd /www/+
-httpd</pre>To connect through secure http, add the option ''-S'' at the end of the command. See the httpd man pages for more information about that command.<br><br>+
-You can use this behavior to get a more secure router by activating the web interface only when you need to configure it, and then close the web server once you're done.<br>+
-To close the web server, run the command "'' kill `cat /tmp/var/run/httpd.pid` ''" (note the backquotes) or " ''kill `cat /tmp/var/run/httpsd.pid` ''" if you ran the web server with the option ''-S'' to get secure http.+
- +
-=Interface Map (v23 SP1 Final)=+
-**Basic Setup+
-** DDNS+
-** MAC Address Clone+
-** Advanced Routing+
-** VLANs+
-* Wireless+
-** Basic Settings+
-** Wireless Security+
-** MAC Filter+
-** Advanced Settings+
-** WDS+
-* Security+
-** Firewall+
-** VPN+
-* Access Restrictions+
-** Internet Access+
-* Applications and Gaming+
-** Port Range Forwarding+
-** Port Forwarding+
-** Port Triggering+
-** UPnP+
-** DMZ+
-** [http://wrt-wiki.bsr-clan.de/index.php?title=Quality_of_Service QOS]+
-* Administration+
-** Management+
-** Hotspot+
-** Services+
-** Keep Alive+
-** Log+
-** Diagnostics+
-** WOL+
-** Factory Defaults+
-** Firmware Upgrade+
-** Backup+
-* Status+
-** Router+
-** LAN+
-** Wireless+
-** Sys-Info+
- +
-[[Image:Onstart.jpg|thumb| The Old Alchemy interface of DD-WRT v22]]+
-A setup simulation of the old alchemy interface can be found here:+
- +
- +
- +
- +
-This interface has been used in v22 and before, the new v23 and v24 interface has been completely redesigned and supports multiple languages and skins (take a look at the screenshot above)but you can still see the basic DD-WRT interface setup by viewing the simulation.+
- +
- +
-See a Site with Version '''DD-WRT V22finalR2''' (Sorry about the Popup, the Webspace is for free) http://www.informatione.gmxhome.de/DDWRT/Standard/V22R2/index.html (Click on "GUI Setup").+
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-'''DD-WRT V23final:'''+
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-[[Category:English documentation]]+

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