WDS-AP to WDS-Sta (Atheros) Example

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Simple LAN WDS configuration


Connect 3 LAN using 2 GW2347 and 1 GW2348 and they will be transparent for the diferent Ethernet subnets.

  GW2347_0 - - - - - GW2348 - - - - - - GW2347_1
     |                 |                   |
    LAN               LAN                 LAN

Will support Spaning tree protocol to alow the case when GW2347's were in the same Ethernet segment. This case:

  GW2347_0 - - - - - GW2348
     |                 |
  GW2347_1 - - - - - - -


The 3 LAN's are in the same IP subnet (for example).

The GW234x management IP will be in (for example).

All the GW234x has Winstron CM9 miniPCI cards into them.

Names of GW234x devices will be:

acbr51 with for the GW2347_0

acbr52 with for the GW2348

acbr53 with for the GW2347_1


All GW234x devices are with factory defaults configuration (all has their nvram erased using RedBoot commands).

All GW234x devices has DDWRT V24 pre - RC 7 (20080317) (or newer) flashed.

Configuring the devices

I only coment the parameters I changed or if the parameter value is important for our purpose.

IP Parameters

Setup->Basic Setup page

Section WAN:

  • Connection Type: Disabled
  • STP: Enabled

Section Optional Settings:

  • Router and Hostnames: acbr51, acbr52, acbr53 (each name with each device).
  • Domain Name: mydomain (put yours here if you want).

Section Router IP:

  • Local IP Address:,, (each IP with each device)
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Gateway: (leave in blank if you don't use)
  • Local DNS: (leave in blank if you don't use)

Section DHCP:

  • DHCP Server: Disable (Enable and configure if you want, I don't use it here).

Section Time Settings:

  • Time Server: (leave in blank if you don't use)

WiFi Parameters

Wireless -> Basic Settings page

In each interface I thanged this parameters:

  • Regulatory Domain: SPAIN (I'm in Spain).
  • Wireless Mode: AP (Will be a simple WDS).
  • Wireless Network Mode: A-Only (There are many home networks in 2,4GHz).
  • Turbo Mode: Enabled (Is not required, but I like it).
  • Outdoor Band: Enabled or Disabled. This allow you to select the indoor channels or the outdoor ones.
  • Wireless Network Name (SSID): myssid (I use the same in all interfaces).
  • Wireless Channel: 50-Indoor-Turbo for acbr51-acbr52 link and 130-Outdoor-Turbo for acbr52-acbr53 link.

The configuration will be:

                  CH50                           CH130
  acbr51 (ath0) - - - - - (ath0) acbr52 (ath1) - - - - - - (ath0) acbr53


  • With AP mode works fine the WDS disabling Turbo Mode'. You must wait a bit to see the comunication, but it works fine.
  • With AP mode works fine the WDS enabling Turbo Mode'. You must wait a bit to see the comunication, but it works fine.

Wireless -> Wireless Security page

I allways use WPA-PSK with AES with a large phrase. I'll don't change it now for a simple link.

For each interface in each device I use:

  • Security Mode: WPA-Personal
  • WPA Algorithms: AES
  • WPA Shared Key: AvErYlOnGpHrAsE (use a long key here).

Please, be sense in I use me own configuration, you can use this configuration too, but this is only an example of working configuration.

Notes for Outdoor links

  • Configure correctly the Antenna gain (minus the cable and connectors losses).
  • Configure correctly the distance (ack), is a tick for better performance with atheros chipsets (at least).
  • If you really don't need it, don't use diversity, use only (at least for WDS links) one antenna for TX and RX.
  • It's more safe to use long preamble that short preamble.
  • To guide your antenna don't use TurboMode, configure your device in a channel before use your laptop to put the antenna in the correct position. I use kismet for this purposes, and with TurboMode, I can see the signal correctly. Perhaps is my problem, but you are advised.
  • I repeat: Before use TurboMode, configure correctly your antennas in the correct position in all the sides of the links using normal channels/modes. Only use TurboMode when you have finished the phisical configuration of the links.

WDS Parameters

Wireless -> WDS page

For acbr51 (1 atheros only):

  • First column: LAN
  • Second column: the ethernet mac of acbr52 ath0 interface.
  • Third column: acbr52

For acbr52 (2 atheros):

  • First column: LAN in first row and LAN into second row.
  • Second column: the ethernet mac of acbr51 ath0 interface in the first row and acbr53 ath0 MAC into second row.
  • Third column: acbr51 into first row and acbr53 into the second row.

For acbr53 (1 atheros only):

  • First column: LAN
  • Second column: the ethernet mac of acbr52 ath1 interface.
  • Third column: acbr52

You must remenber this:

                  CH50                           CH130
  acbr51 (ath0) - - - - - (ath0) acbr52 (ath1) - - - - - - (ath0) acbr53