WDS-AP to WDS-Sta (Atheros) Example

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Connect 3 LAN using 2 GW2347 and 1 GW2348 and they will be transparent for the direfent Ethernet subnets.

  GW2347_0 - - - - - GW2348 - - - - - - GW2347_1
     |                 |                   |
    LAN               LAN                 LAN


The 3 LAN's are in the same IP subnet (for example). The GW234x management IP will be in (for example). All the GW234x has Winstron CM9 miniPCI cards into them.

Names of GW234x devices will be: acbr51 with for the GW2347_0 acbr52 with for the GW2348 acbr53 with for the GW2347_1