WDS-AP to WDS-Sta (Atheros) Example

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-[[Category:English documentation]]+This page is now deprecated, instead see: [[WDS_Linked_router_network|WDS Linked router network]]
- +
-=Simple LAN WDS configuration=+
-Connect 3 LAN using 2 GW2347 and 1 GW2348 and they will be transparent for the diferent Ethernet subnets.+
- +
- GW2347_0 - - - - - GW2348 - - - - - - GW2347_1+
- | | |+
- +
-Will support Spaning tree protocol to alow the case when GW2347's were in the same Ethernet segment. This case:+
- GW2347_0 - - - - - GW2348+
- | |+
- GW2347_1 - - - - - - -+
- +
-The 3 LAN's are in the same IP subnet (for example).+
- +
-The GW234x management IP will be in (for example).+
- +
-All the GW234x has Winstron CM9 miniPCI cards into them.+
- +
- +
-Names of GW234x devices will be:+
- +
-acbr51 with for the GW2347_0+
- +
-acbr52 with for the GW2348+
- +
-acbr53 with for the GW2347_1+
- +
-All GW234x devices are with factory defaults configuration (all has their nvram erased using RedBoot commands).+
- +
-All GW234x devices has DDWRT V24 pre - RC 7 (20080317) (or newer) flashed.+
- +
-==Configuring the devices==+
-I only coment the parameters I changed or if the parameter value is important for our purpose.+
- +
-===IP Parameters===+
-====Setup->Basic Setup page====+
-Section WAN:+
-* Connection Type: '''Disabled'''+
-* STP: '''Enabled'''+
-Section Optional Settings:+
-* Router and Hostnames: '''acbr51''', '''acbr52''', '''acbr53''' (each name with each device).+
-* Domain Name: '''mydomain''' (put yours here if you want).+
-Section Router IP:+
-* Local IP Address: '''''', '''''', '''''' (each IP with each device)+
-* Subnet Mask: ''''''+
-* Gateway: '''''' (leave in blank if you don't use)+
-* Local DNS: '''''' (leave in blank if you don't use)+
-Section DHCP:+
-* DHCP Server: '''Disable''' (Enable and configure if you want, I don't use it here).+
-Section Time Settings:+
-* Time Server: '''''' (leave in blank if you don't use)+
- +
-===WiFi Parameters===+
-====Wireless -> Basic Settings page====+
-In each interface I thanged this parameters:+
-* Regulatory Domain: '''SPAIN''' (I'm in Spain).+
-* Wireless Mode: '''AP''' (Will be a simple WDS).+
-* Wireless Network Mode: '''A-Only''' (There are many home networks in 2,4GHz).+
-* Turbo Mode: '''Enabled''' (Is not required, but I like it).+
-* Outdoor Band: '''Enabled''' or '''Disabled'''. This allow you to select the indoor channels or the outdoor ones.+
-* Wireless Network Name (SSID): '''myssid''' (I use the same in all interfaces).+
-* Wireless Channel: '''50-Indoor-Turbo''' for acbr51-acbr52 link and '''130-Outdoor-Turbo''' for acbr52-acbr53 link.+
- +
-The configuration will be:+
- CH50 CH130+
- '''acbr51''' (ath0) - - - - - (ath0) '''acbr52''' (ath1) - - - - - - (ath0) '''acbr53'''+
- +
-* With '''AP''' mode works fine the WDS '''disabling Turbo Mode''''. You must wait a bit to see the comunication, but it works fine.+
-* With '''AP''' mode works fine the WDS '''enabling Turbo Mode''''. You must wait a bit to see the comunication, but it works fine.+
- +
-====Wireless -> Wireless Security page====+
-I allways use WPA-PSK with AES with a large phrase. I'll don't change it now for a simple link.+
- +
-For each interface in each device I use:+
-* Security Mode: '''WPA-Personal'''+
-* WPA Algorithms: '''AES'''+
-* WPA Shared Key: '''AvErYlOnGpHrAsE''' (use a long key here).+
- +
-Please, be sense in I use me own configuration, you can use this configuration too, but this is only an example of working configuration.+
- +
-====Notes for Outdoor links====+
-* Configure correctly the Antenna gain (minus the cable and connectors losses).+
-* Configure correctly the distance (ack), is a tick for better performance with atheros chipsets (at least).+
-* If you really don't need it, don't use diversity, use only (at least for WDS links) one antenna for TX and RX.+
-* It's more safe to use long preamble that short preamble.+
-* To guide your antenna don't use TurboMode, configure your device in a channel before use your laptop to put the antenna in the correct position. I use kismet for this purposes, and with TurboMode, I can see the signal correctly. Perhaps is my problem, but you are advised.+
-* I repeat: Before use TurboMode, configure correctly your antennas in the correct position in all the sides of the links using normal channels/modes. Only use TurboMode when you have finished the phisical configuration of the links.+
- +
-===WDS Parameters===+
-====Wireless -> WDS page====+
-For acbr51 (1 atheros only):+
-* First column: '''LAN'''+
-* Second column: the ethernet mac of '''acbr52 ath0''' interface.+
-* Third column: '''acbr52'''+
-For acbr52 (2 atheros):+
-* First column: '''LAN''' in first row and '''LAN''' into second row.+
-* Second column: the ethernet mac of '''acbr51 ath0''' interface in the first row and '''acbr53 ath0''' MAC into second row.+
-* Third column: '''acbr51''' into first row and '''acbr53''' into the second row.+
-For acbr53 (1 atheros only):+
-* First column: '''LAN'''+
-* Second column: the ethernet mac of '''acbr52 ath1''' interface.+
-* Third column: '''acbr52'''+
- +
-You must remenber this:+
- CH50 CH130+
- '''acbr51''' (ath0) - - - - - (ath0) '''acbr52''' (ath1) - - - - - - (ath0) '''acbr53'''+

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