WDS-AP to WDS-Sta (Atheros) Example

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-=Objective=+This page is now deprecated, instead see: [[WDS_Linked_router_network|WDS Linked router network]]
-Connect 3 LAN using 2 GW2347 and 1 GW2348 and they will be transparent for the direfent Ethernet subnets.+
- +
- GW2347_0 - - - - - GW2348 - - - - - - GW2347_1+
- | | |+
-The 3 LAN's are in the same IP subnet (for example).+
-The GW234x management IP will be in (for example).+
-All the GW234x has Winstron CM9 miniPCI cards into them.+
- +
-Names of GW234x devices will be:+
-acbr51 with for the GW2347_0+
-acbr52 with for the GW2348+
-acbr53 with for the GW2347_1+
- +
-All GW234x devices are with factory defaults configuration (all has their nvram erased using RedBoot commands).+

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This page is now deprecated, instead see: WDS Linked router network