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-An alternate method of configuring the WAN port as a 5th LAN port is described [http://www.linksysinfo.org/forums/showthread.php?t=41689 HERE] 
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Adding WAN Port to Switch (use as a normal LAN port)

When the WRT is used as an Access Point (AP) or repeater (WDS), the WAN port can easily be configured as a normal LAN port.

Use the following steps:


Under "Setup" -> "Basic Setup"
Set "Internet Setup" to "Disabled"


Under "Setup" -> "VLANs"
- Select "LAN" under "Assigned to bridge" for VLAN 1 * This will set the WAN port (vlan1) is part of the LAN bridge (br0). - LaFonera (tested with v.2007-0126): Just set Setup-->Basic Setup-->Internet Setup-->Internet Connection Type to "Disabled" ( Source: [1] (german))


The VLAN setting should show something like:
             |       Port        |   Assigned
     VLAN    |-------------------|   to bridge
             | W | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 |
       0     |   | x | x | x | x |     LAN
       1     | x |   |   |   |   |     LAN
       2     |   |   |   |   |   |     None
     Tagged  |   |   |   |   |   |


Save Settings


Reset the Router
  (See Note)


  Rebooting the router (Step 5) is not required if you issue
  the following command at a terminal (SSH,Telnet).
  However, ONLY issuing the command WITHOUT the steps (1-4)
  above will ONLY last until the next reboot).

  'brctl addif br0 vlan1'
  I tried above and it didn't worked for me. I attached a device on the WAN-
  port. I pinged this device endlessly and watched it, to see if my changes
  are successful. I realized, that the pings went through after rebooting
  the router. But after a few seconds the device was unreachable again. I
  ssh'd to my router and did a look with '~#ifconfig' for the interfaces and
  saw, that device 'vlan1' was missing. I (re)activated the interface with
  '~#ifconfig vlan1 up' and the pings immediately went through! To
  automatically issue this command after reboot, I did the following on the
  shell of the router:

  ~#nvram set rc_startup='ifconfig vlan1 up'
  ~#nvram commit
  HTH - kernal/19.04.2007

Q. It would be nice to be able to assign different networks to each of the ports.. Is there any work done in this direction?

A. Easy step-by-step instructions for putting port 4 on it's own subnet can be found HERE

In v23 SP2 there is a option in Setup -> Basic Setup -> "Assign WAN Port to Switch" - Tick it and re-boot.