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The DD-WRT Forums

The DD-WRT Project has had two forums over its history. The newest forum can be found Here, while the first and oldest of the two can be found Here. You can search for information in either forum but please use the newest forum to post any questions you may have.

Don't immediately post a new topic. As many, many questions have already been asked and answered, the forum contains a wealth of information as well. Yes, it may be a little harder to dig up the topic where your problem was solved, but the digging you do will have a benefit too: you will come accross a lot of useful information on the way.

So start by doing an extensive search on the forum, using various key words that may lead to the topics that can help you which will save everyone a lot of time.

If all the above has not yielded any result, or has left you with more questions, or has only partially helped you - don't hesitate to open a new topic and ask for help, which will be gladly given by the community. Usually, you will have your answer in no time at all.

When posting on the forum for a solution to your problem please make sure that you post at least the following information to allow the friendly people on the forums to help you:

  • what device you are using exactly (brand, type, revision);
  • the exact DD-WRT version used (version number, build date);
  • a short description of what you were trying to do;
  • a short report of what happened;
  • background information (i.e. network setup, wireless setup,...) if applicable.

Please feel free to register on the forum and join the community discussions.