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hi every body, i have a slight issue with an idea im having for a script to handle some traffic.

so my plan is to have my wrt54g dd-wrt v24 route all traffic through my ids which is connected on ethernet ports 1 and 2,
and then have it reroute the traffic to its original intended destination. 

but i also would like the script be aware of the state of the ids (being either on or off) and in the occurance that the ids (smoothwall) is off then to have traffic route normaly.

now how would i go about this do you think? 

i have a feeling that this is going to require a custom firewall rule, but that i would imagine would only take care of the actual routing end of things, not the whole "is the ids up on or off" part. would it be possible to write a script that would first see if the ids is on, and if so have one set of firewall rules in place (the route through the iids rules) or if the ids is down load the default fire wall rules.

thanks guys for those that read this,