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Hi my name is Tobias, I have just gotten my first wireless router and of course as I always wanted one of those Open Source Linux Routers its a WRT54G! After the model originally came configured as an Access Point, I installed dd-WRT instead, and after quite some time to investigate the configuration I have been successful to the objective to access the internet with it!

These pere the issues i ran into :

New User Problems

Setting up dd-WRT on a WRT54G to be a client (network adaptor)

I need to make my WRT54G a client in a wireless network served by a 2Wire DSL modem wireless router combo. The 2Wire security is set by default to a 64 bit encrypted open WEP.

I am running dd-WRT on my WRT54G and I hadn't found an indication that that is a supported mode in this firmware ? Then I found it in the very 'more' documentation tabs of the router: I set Wireless:Advanced Settings:Authentication Type:Auto and in Wireless:Wireless Security i duplicated the open key in every one of the 4 fields.

Getting files in and out of the router

This one is still ano go: Now I had tried the other day to run ssh by simply enabling it and when that didn't work also by trying the key configuration. However no success! I guess that excludes the scp command then ? What can I do about it and what other ways are there to move files between host and router?