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Hi my name is Tobias, I have just gotten my first wireless router and of course as I always wanted one of those Open Source Linux Routers its a WRT54G! After the model originally came configured as an Access Point, I installed DD-WRT #22 prefinal4 (Talismen) instead, and after quite some time to investigate the configuration I have been successful to the objective to access the internet with it!

I am especially involved and interested in the development of nice tuning and network visualization tools like Wiviz!

These were the issues i ran into :

New User Problems

Setting up dd-WRT on a WRT54G to be a client (network adaptor)

I needed to make my WRT54G a client in a wireless network served by a 2Wire DSL modem wireless router combo. The 2Wire security is set by default to a 64 bit encrypted open WEP.

As I am running dd-WRT on my WRT54G first I didn't find an indication that that is a supported mode in the firmware... Then I found it in the build in 'more' documentation tabs of the router: I set Wireless:Advanced Settings:Authentication Type:Auto and in Wireless:Wireless Security I duplicated the open key in every one of the 4 fields. !SUCCESS!

Getting files in and out of the router

This one is still a no go! I had tried the other day to run SSH by simply enabling it and when that didn't work also by trying the key configuration. However no success! Besides the scp command is not implemented anyway ? What can I do about it and what other ways are there to move files between host and router?

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