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For more advanced content filtering try OpenDNS

We assume that you are applying the rules into your MAIN AP, the one that connects to the Internet or modem.

  • 1) Log into your DD-WRT.
  • 2) Go to Access Restrictions.
  • 3) Name the rule as you need. Example : Block_YAHOO
  • 4) Click on the Button "Edit list of clients".
  • 5) Add the MAC address of the wanted clients.
  • 6) Add the IP of the wanted clients or the IP range you want to block.
  • 7) Click on the "Apply Settings" button.
  • 8) Click on the "Close" button.
  • 9) Enable the rule you have just created.
  • 10) "Allow" or "Filter" (depends on version) option as to be selected for "Internet access during selected days and hours." option.
  • 11) Go to the section "Website Blocking by URL Address"
  • 12) Add the DOMAIN NAME you want to block without www, ftp, ... Example : yahoo.com
  • 13) Proceed as much as you need with the domains you want to block.
  • 14) Go to the section "Website Blocking by Keyword"
  • 15) Add the keywords you want to block. Example : google
  • 16) Proceed as much as you need with the keywords you want to block.
  • 17) Click on the "Apply Settings" button.

Regarding the 10) , if you select "Deny" option, it will block ALL your access to the Internet according to the Days and Time you have selected below.

That's it. The related URLs and keywords will be blocked. By the way, you might use one or the other options to block, or both of them.

REMEMBER : The first rule as the highest priority, so if you need to allow Yahoo and Google (as in the example) create first a rule WITHOUT ANY URL OR KEYWORD for the authorized MACs, IPs, or IP ranges, then another rule containing the MAC addresses, IPs, or IP ranges to block AND the URLs and Keywords.

Enjoy it.