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Configuration for DD-WRT access points to help the WIFI phones to save Battery and to Prioritize phone data so that other Wireless data will not drop calls.


[edit] Carriers

The only carriers that support UMA are T-Mobile wireless and Cincinnati Bell Wireless in the USA. Rogers and Fido in Canada also support UMA

[edit] Phones

This is most current list of phones that work with UMA:

  • Blackberry Bold 9700
  • Blackberry Bold 9780
  • Blackberry Pearl 8120
  • Blackberry Curve 8320
  • Blackberry Curve 8520
  • Blackberry Flip 8220
  • Blackberry 8900
  • Blackberry 8820
  • Blackberry 9100
  • Blackberry 9300
  • Blackberry 9700
  • Blackberry 9800
  • HP iPAQ 510
  • LG KE520
  • LG CL400
  • Motorola A910
  • Motorola Z6W
  • Nokia 6086
  • Nokia 6136
  • Nokia 6301
  • Nokia 7510
  • Nokia E73
  • Qisda/BenQ e72
  • Sagem my419x
  • Samsung P180
  • Samsung P200
  • Samsung P220
  • Samsung P250
  • Samsung P260
  • Samsung P270
  • Samsung T336
  • Samsung T339
  • Samsung T409
  • Samsung T707
  • Samsung T739 Katalyst
  • SIMTech N6000
  • T-Mobile (HTC) Shadow 2009
  • T-Mobile (HTC) MyTouch
  • T-Mobile (HTC) MyTouch 4G
  • T-Mobile (HTC) G2
  • T-Mobile (LG) Optimus T
  • T-Mobile (Motorola) Defy

[edit] DD-WRT Configuration

Enable wireless multimedia support: (This should prioritize your cell phone calls and help your phone to use less power)

  1. Enable WMM support in the advanced wireless tab (the default WMM settings should be fine)

Note that at least with T-Mobile, Blackberry software, and 24preSP2 build 12533, you need to change WMM default setting of No Acknowledgment from Disable to Enable, or the Blackberry will fail to connect with a 010 error.

  1. Log on to the router via telnet/ssh type 'wl -i $(nvram get wl0_ifname) wme' (the command should return 1 if everything is successful)

[edit] Dropped calls

Users have noted that using the following settings have solved dropped call issues:

  • Fragment Threshold : 2304 (256-2346)
  • RTS Threshold : 2304 (0-2347)
  • Beacon Interval : 50 (20-1024 ms)

This was from the following thread at Howard forums: [1]
User Justin Poggioli wrote in to tell me that the Beacon Interval fixed his dropped call problems with the fragmentation and RTS threshold settings changing very little. He also notes that using any more then 50mW of output power seemed to be giving him clarity of voice issues.

[edit] Phone Firmware

For many phones, an upgraded firmware can help. I upgraded my Blackberry Curve 8320 to Handheld Software v4.5.0.81 and the call quality improved greatly.

T-Mobile Blackberry Upgrade site: [2]

[edit] Bluetooth

UMA and bluetooth are reported to interfere in many circumstances rendering some bluetooth headsets and phone combinations unusable. More information can be found here:

[edit] TODO

  1. add settings for traffic shaping so that wired connections do not cause dropped calls
  2. get other users opinions on what Traffic shaping should be used.

[edit] Notes

  1. Information on wmm and dd-wrt found here
  2. Please modify this page or E-mail me at metrix1978 at if you find more information/ideas about UMA