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'''These HOWTOs should also be consulted by new users before setting up their devices'''. '''These HOWTOs should also be consulted by new users before setting up their devices'''.
-[[Access Restrictions]]<br />+* [[Access Restrictions]]<br />
-[[Afterburner]] (AKA Speedbooster)<br />+* [[Afterburner]] (AKA Speedbooster)<br />
-[[Client Mode Wireless]]<br />+* [[Client Mode Wireless]]<br />
-[[CRON]]<br />+* [[CRON]]<br />
-[[DNSMasq_as_DHCP_server|DNSMasq as DHCP server]]<br />+* [[DNSMasq_as_DHCP_server|DNSMasq as DHCP server]]<br />
-[[Firewall]]<br />+* [[Firewall]]<br />
-[[Firewall Builder]]<br />+* [[Firewall Builder]]<br />
-[[HTTPRedirect|HotSpot HTTP Redirect]]<br/>+* [[HTTPRedirect|HotSpot HTTP Redirect]]<br/>
-[[NoCatSplash]]<br />+* [[NoCatSplash]]<br />
-[[Port Forwarding]]<br />+* [[Port Forwarding]]<br />
-[[Quality of Service]] (QoS)<br />+* [[Quality of Service]] (QoS)<br />
-[[Samba Filesystem]]<br />+* [[Samba Filesystem]]<br />
-[[SSH access from internet]]<br />+* [[SSH access from internet]]<br />
-[[Static DHCP]]<br />+* [[Static DHCP]]<br />
-[[Switched Ports|Use switched ports outside the router]]<br />+* [[Switched Ports|Use switched ports outside the router]]<br />
-[[Telnet/SSH and the Command Line]]<br />+* [[Telnet/SSH and the Command Line]]<br />
-[[Useful Scripts]]<br/>+* [[Useful Scripts]]<br/>
-[[WDS Linked router network]]<br />+* [[WDS Linked router network]]<br />
-[[WDS Point To Point (P2P)]]<br />+* [[WDS Point To Point (P2P)]]<br />
-[[Wireless Access Point]]<br />+* [[Wireless Access Point]]<br />
-[[Wireless Bridge]]<br />+* [[Wireless Bridge]]<br />
-[[WOL|Wake On Lan]] (WOL)<br />+* [[WOL|Wake On Lan]] (WOL)<br />
-[[USB|USB Support]] (USB)<br />+* [[USB|USB Support]] (USB)<br />
==HOWTOs for more '''advanced''' configuration scenarios== ==HOWTOs for more '''advanced''' configuration scenarios==

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HOWTOs for basic configuration scenarios

This is a list of configuration guides most users will employ at least to a certain degree. These HOWTOs should also be consulted by new users before setting up their devices.

HOWTOs for more advanced configuration scenarios

These HOWTOs require a certain degree of knowledge about IP networks, Firewalls, Linux and more. Users unfamiliar with such knowledge

Setting up Chillispot on wireless interface & no authentication on wired ports (coming soon)
DDNS - How to setup Custom DDNS settings using embedded inadyn - HOWTO
DDNS - How to manage multiple DDNS accounts using embedded inadyn - HOWTO
DNSMasq - DNS for your local network - HOWTO
Dual-WAN for simple round-robin load equalization
Configure RSS feed output
Using ipkg to install OpenWRT packages
JFFS File System
Kai Console Gaming
OpenVPN - Setting up an OpenVPN server on your dd-wrt, and OpenVPN for your client
PPTP Server Configuration
Point-to-Point PPTP Tunneling with two DD-WRT
HOW TO configure a WINDOWS BOX to make a VPN Connection to linksys
Separate LAN and WLAN
Setting up a Transparent Proxy Server using Squid
VLAN Configuration
VLAN Bridging WAN and a LAN port
Use WAN port as a normal switched port
Web server - set up your router as a web server for your LAN and the world
How to access to the modem configuration interface thru Wrt
Configure DD-WRT Router to use a separate Local DNS Server
Set up a VPN server with DD-WRT Router

Additional installable packages

This list covers additional software that can be installed on devices running DD-WRT. Note that you can install any OpenWRT package, using ipkg. Additionally more than 400 packages were provided recently with NSLU2-Linux Optware packages.

BWlog -- Bandwidth Log - realtime bandwidth graphing.
iftop -- for ncurses-based monitoring of active connections and their bandwidth
Kismet Server/Drone -- using a windows box to display results
Port Knocker daemon
Miau IRC Bouncer
Multi Router Traffic Grapher
No-IP.com Client
VNCRepeater -- connect to multiple vnc servers behind a NAT firewall and only have to forward one port. Note: Someone pls create and adapt this page for dd-wrt.
wrt54g kismet with linux server -- using a linux box to display results
Wiviz - DHTML interface to scan for networks and see signal strength and effects of antenna adjustment in real time
vsftpd -- FTP server