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{{Languages|Tutorials}} {{Languages|Tutorials}}
-<font color=red><big>'''NOTE:'''</big></font> '''During configuration or flashing a device, the only cables that should be hooked to the device are the power cable and the cable connecting the device to your computer''' 
-<br /> 
==Getting Started== ==Getting Started==
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Getting Started

Basic Tutorials

These tutorials have content most new users will understand and be able to deploy. Category is here: Category:Basic tutorials

Advanced Tutorials

These tutorials require a certain degree of knowledge about general networking that some new users may or may not understand. Also, check out the Advanced tutorials Category

Installable Packages

This list covers additional software that can be installed on devices running DD-WRT. Optware also provides many NSLU2-Linux packages build specially for DD-WRT. Installing Entware is also supported and more modern than Optware, with even more packages.

La Fonera Tutorials