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I have just tried out this Transmission Torrent thing (1.75).
This is how I got it running (Sep. 2009 on v24preSP2 Eko dd-wrt.v24-12774_NEWD_mini_usb_ftp).

May. 2010 - Version 1.93-1 is now available.

Routers with less than 32MB will need a linux-swap partition.


Prepare your USB drive

  • Format an USB/HD disk with one partition (ext3 or ntfs).
  • In web-GUI -> Services -> USB, auto-mount it as /mnt

Make the following folders

cd /mnt
mkdir /mnt/opt
mkdir -p /mnt/data/torrents              # -p to make both directories at the same time

The plan is to have everything torrent go to the folder /mnt/data/torrents

Making sure /opt is pointing to an rw area, by mounting /mnt/opt as /opt

mount /mnt/opt /opt

Install basic Optware files

Install Optware basic files using these two commands:

wget -O /tmp/
sh /tmp/
Note about putty:
  • You can paste text from the clipboard to a putty window by right clicking in the putty window.
  • You can copy from a putty window to the clipboard by highlighting text with the mouse (click-and-hold, move, let-go-of-mouse-button). Highlighted text is immediately copied to the clipboard. Click the putty window to remove the highlight, the text stays in the clipboard.

Install Optware Transmission

/opt/bin/ipkg-opt -verbose_wget install transmission
Note: I like to see the progress of the downloading process, so I know the right thing is happening. This is done with the -verbose_wget parameter.

Started and stopped Transmission to get the basic work folders

/opt/bin/transmission-daemon -g /mnt/data/torrents/.config/transmission-daemon
killall transmission-daemon

With the command above you get the basic folder structure of:

/mnt/data/torrents/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json  #file
/mnt/data/torrents/.config/transmission-daemon/stats.json       #file

Edit settings.json to contain the following

vi /mnt/data/torrents/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json
     "blocklist-enabled": 1,
     "download-dir": "\/mnt\/data\/torrents",
     "download-limit": 100,
     "download-limit-enabled": 1,
     "encryption": 2,
     "max-peers-global": 35,
     "peer-port": 25000,
     "pex-enabled": 1,
     "port-forwarding-enabled": 1,
     "rpc-authentication-required": 0,
     "rpc-password": "",
     "rpc-port": 9091,
     "rpc-username": "",
     "rpc-whitelist": "192.168.1.*",
     "upload-limit": 200,
     "upload-limit-enabled": 1

The file settings.json can also be downloaded from here (the wget command is one line):

 wget -O /mnt/data/torrents/.config/transmission-daemon/settings.json 

It is easy to use WinSCP: to edit the settings.json file, just browse it.

Open listening port for WAN access

/usr/sbin/iptables -I INPUT 1 -p tcp --dport 25000 -j logaccept

Restart transmission

/opt/bin/transmission-daemon -g /mnt/data/torrents/.config/transmission-daemon

Accessing Transmission web interface

Now you get web access to the Transmission page by going to That is, if your routers IP is

How to get transmission to download torrent files?

     - In a web browser go to your favourite torrent site/tracker and download a "<myfile>.torrent" file
     - In a web browser go to to enter the Transmission web page.
     - click "open"
     - click the text field (or "select" button)
     - point out the "<myfile>.torrent"
     - click "upload"

     and the torrent'ed file should start downloading shortly.

The downloaded file will turn up in the /mnt/data/torrents folder.

The full space of the file will be reserved from the start, so in a FTP, WinSCP or Explorer via Samba it may seem like the file is all there immediately, but it is not! It is fully downloaded when the line turns green in the Transmission web interface at

You can se details about any of the torrent files by clicking the Inspector button on the right in the Transmission web interface.

Another interface option

You might also want to check out a front-end (remote-GUI) for the rpc version of transmission.

transmission-remote-gui is an application written in Free Pascal to remotely manage Transmission

transmission-remote-dotnet is a .NET application written in C# to remotely manage Transmission.

transmission-remote-cli is a console client for the BitTorrent client Transmission.

Update Optware & Transmission

To update all installed Optware Packages (including Transmission) type:

ipkg update
ipkg upgrade

If you only want to update Transmission to the actual Version first update Optware, the upgrade only Transmission like:

ipkg update
ipkg upgrade Transmission