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WDS - LAN / P2P / SUBNET - explanations required

The choice between WDS LAN, WDS P2P and WDS subnet remains confusing to a lot of us, non german readers, on the forum:

  • which one to choose, for which purpose ?
  • what can be done whith WDS P2P which can not be done through WDS LAN ?
  • same question about WDS subnet ?
  • does DD-WRT enforce firewall and port forwarding rules beetwen the several networks defined in WDS P2P ?

Here is an interesting comment on WDS P2P. It is written in spanish, and likely does not cover the whole issue. If someone has the skill to edit the wiki page WDS Point To Point (P2P) to answer these questions, it would be more than apreciated. Unfortunately, I don't.

See also this talk describing a possible WDS P2P configuration. Perhaps some others relevant posts might be found on the forum.